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When Petra met Hector
Back in October 2017 we sent an eNewsletter announcing that our Princess of Floof, Petra, was available for rehoming.  Incidentally, with social me...

Learn Pet First Aid with the Cats!
Complete a CPD-Certified Pet First Aid course here at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium! Next Training date: Feb 21 2018 Join us for a four-hour session t...

Cat Cocktail Parties with iCatCare
Recently Abbie and Lauren were lucky to attend a special event hosted by International Cat Care to celebrate the launch of their Cat-Themed Cocktai...

Our Influencer/Blogger Comp Policy
We've been getting a tonne of requests for complimentary passes lately and we know that, as the summer approaches, the demand for comps is only goi...

Ernest is available for adoption!
A few of you have been asking about Ernest, and we have news. It was clear after giving Ernest a short holiday that he is an anxious little dear an...

Valentines Day at Lady Dinah's
We're doing things a bit differently for Valentine's Day this year! At 6:00pm tonight, January 23, we'll be offering private Valentine's Day Hire o...

Alice in her new Wonderland
When Lauren posted about potentially adopting one of the Lady Dinah’s cats Ian and I couldn’t believe our luck. I had been to the cafe a number of ...

Lost Property Update
The Emporium cats have been busy looking through our lost property. They've found some items they'd like to reunite with their owners, especially d...

Shop Local with the East London Pound
This one's for the East London Locals! Lady Dinah's has just joined Colu's East London Pound local currency system. Its a system that's all about g...

Cat Safety at Christmas
A common topic over the past few years in UK pet research has been the concept of 'killing with kindness;' our predilection for demonstrating our l...

Win 1 of 10 x £10 Gift vouchers!
We've achieved a wonderful milestone on our online gift shop for cat lovers - 10,000 sales! Enter our competition to win a £10 gift voucher!

Ernest Takes a Holiday
Our little man Ernest has been a source of concern for the cat care team for a rather erm... delicate reason.  Some of you might know this from ta...