Mama's got a brand new home!

Mama has been successfully rehomed! We miss her, but Laura and Chris have been kindly keeping us updated with news of Mama playing in her new house. 

Mama now lives in Brixton and she has settled in really well already. She wasted no time exploring and quickly discovered that there was a birds nest above the window, so she has enjoyed quite a bit of bird watching. 

She has been chatting a great deal with Laura and Chris already. After only 4 days, she was feeling comfortable enough to sit on their laps, play with string, eat, drink and had even used her litter tray a few times too! She's adapting very well and very quickly. We're so happy that our beloved mama has found her perfect forever family. 

Thank you Laura and Chris! We hope you enjoy mama's little chirps and cuddles and that she brings you a lot of happiness. 

We'll miss you beautiful lady 😭

Mama having a scratch


  • Wonderful news. I loved living in Brixton too. 💕

    by Julie Jones
  • Wonderful news. I loved living in Brixton too. 💕

    by Julie Jones
  • Will miss you Mue!! But I am so happy you have found a lovely home for your well deserved retirement x

    by Sarah
  • Loved her and voted for her in the elections. Still have her adorable photo.
    Wish her a healthy happy future.

    by Dominique
  • Mama, I am so glad I got to meet you – you did an amazing job raising your litter and working with the new recruits at the cafe. Enjoy your well earned retirement and all the attention you deserve.

    by Susan Bornt

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