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Kitten Cafes- Do we have a Kitten Room at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium?
Is Lady Dinah's a kitten café? Well, it is in the sense that it's often a café with kittens, but it's not in that we don't have a kitten room i.e. a room that is dedicated solely to housing kittens. We prefer to integrate any kittens we may be caring for with our mognificent adult cats. We explain the benefits of doing so in this blog post!

Lady Dinah's Kitten Emporium! Kittens Arrive at London's Original Cat Café ❤️
Read about our Sherlock Holmes kittens and how well they've been settling into life at London's original cat café.

5 Life Lessons From a Japanese Rescue Cat
Guest blog post written for us by the author CJ Fentiman, whose memoir about living with rescue cats in Japan is available now 😻When I was growing ...

Lady Dinah's Top 10 Gifts for Cat Lovers
Here at Lady Dinah’s, we’re big on cat-themed gifting! Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve not been able to meet with family or friends for birt...

Love (and Cats) in the Time of Corona
We're soft touches over her at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. Not only do we love cats, we love love! In this blog post, we reflect on how strange it is to be experiencing Valentine's Day during a pandemic.

Born to Be Wilde

Dorian and Salome are being treated to the finer things by Amy’s parents! 🐟

Best Friends Furever: Olive and Estella 💕

Chief Cat Carer Laura has her hands full now that the girls have moved in!

Kitten Capers with Pip and Baz

Pip and Baz are receiving the royal treatment at Leah’s 👑

A Fluff Tonne of Fun with the Trotters
Rodney and Cassandra are having an absolute (fur) ball with Abbie!

Only Floofs, No Horses

Del Boy is in the lap of luxury, quite literally, with Anneli ❤️

Domestic Bliss with Amy, Peter and Wendy
The heart-warming story we all need!

Recipes for Success! Spoil Your Cat with Home-Made Treats

Emilie has been using her time indoors to formulate recipes for tasty cat treats!