Indiana Cat and the Isle of Dogs

We re-homed Indiana in 2014 and he moved to the Isle of Dogs, where he became part of the growing Sharpin family. He has been with them for 4 years now and this adorable ginger has had a few more adventures in his new life since we last caught up with him!

Indiana and Joy

After meeting his new tiny human just over a year ago (is it just us or is he still bigger than her? What a unit!), he recently moved from a 2 bedroom flat to a house with stairs and a garden. 

Indy wasn’t overly happy about the build up to the move - with all the packing going on and the boxes being used to store things instead of for sitting in, he knew things were changing. He did not particularly enjoy the car journey to his new house either, which was quite a distance. He has recovered from all the excitement now and he has plenty of new places and experiences to enjoy in his new home!

Indiana inside 1Indiana inside 2Indiana exploring

During his first day in the house he stayed in a single room, enjoying some VIP treatment to ensure the move didn't overwhelm him.

He stayed in his carrier to start with, then found the top of a cupboard and stayed there for a whole day and night. Next day he went down to explore a little, then went back up again to his safe spot. In a few hours he decided to go back down and show everyone what a true, brave explorer he really is!

One of his favourite activities seems to be checking out the space between the steps and tearing up and down the stairs. He likes to stick his head between the bannister spindles to peer down at everyone below. He has banged his head more than once but that doesn't appear to curb his enthusiasm. 

Indiana meets grass 1Indiana meets grass 2

Indy is not quite sure about grass yet - he’s been on it but is still very suspicious! He seems to like the outdoor space but remains a decidedly fair-weather outdoor cat, only venturing out under the most favourable of circumstances.

Indiana and JoyGood Boy Indy

Indy loves finding sunny spots in the house and enjoys strokes from his little pal Joy even if he refuses to admit it. Joy has learned how to say “good boy Indy” and she's 100% correct about that. What a lovely pair!

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