Catch up with Mr. Mischief-maker himself: Loki

Some of you may remember Loki and his brother Adamska (now Kaiden). They stayed with us in the cafe in the first year after opening, but as our little guys grew up and matured, their personalities manifested more strongly and we could see they were quiet cats who would enjoy a private home more than cat cafe life!

If you were wondering how's life been lately for the sweetest Trickster God, we can tell you this much: very busy!

Loki loves to help around the house with different chores, like sorting out the records alphabetically, cat-egorising all items in the flat and tidying up the wardrobe. His humans would be helpless without him! 

In his spare time he like to practice his modelling poses. With his parents both being photographers Loki wants to show everyone that black cats can also be beautiful, chic muses. 

                                       "The eyes, chico. They never lie."

Back in the cafe Loki was one of the chattiest cats and, as expected, not much changed since then. He still shouts for food every time someone is near the kitchen, asks for playtime early in the morning (5am is always the best moment!) and requests cuddles and brushes when his humans are getting ready to leave the flat or when they are trying to sleep.

If you'd like to keep up with this little character you can find him on  

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