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House Rules

We have living, breathing, feeling animals in our cafe, and we care about how they enjoy their lives with us.

This means we need to have a few rules to keep them safe and happy. 


No Children under the age of 12

children 12+ only

This includes babies and toddlers. We cannot make exceptions to this rule. We generally do not accept bookings where children outnumber adult guests. 
Guests aged between 12-17 must also be accompanied by an adult.

No groups larger than 6


Please do not place multiple bookings to bypass the limit we have placed on the booking system, as we will have to cancel excess guests. We are not suitable for large groups of guests. We do, however, offer private hire options for larger parties.

Don't  wake cats

let cats sleep

This includes making noises near them, stroking them while they sleep or placing objects on them while they sleep. Please respect their biological needs. 

Do not pick up, confine or restrain the cats

Please ensure our cats are free to make their own choices at all times. 

Do not feed the Cats

Do not feed the cats

They aren't hungry and they can't eat human food. Please do not bring treats from home. 

No Flash

No Flash Photography

The cats don't like it and it will scare them off! 

Do not overcrowd the cats

Do not overcrowd the cats

Please only one person at a time. Remember that cats are much smaller than us and it's quite intimidating for them to be surrounded by lots of people at once. 


Here's a few things that might help you interact with the cats...

Listen to the Cat Carer

There's always a cat care team member dedicated to looking after the cats and you on shift.  They know what toys, foods, play techniques and petting our cats like best and they very much want you and the cats to have a good time!

Sometimes guests become annoyed because they have cats at home and know how to handle cats - and we don't doubt it! Just as you are the expert on what your cat likes, our team are the experts on what our cats like! This is why they may recommend you handle our cats differently to how you handle your cat at home. Please bear in mind that you have a bond of trust with your own cats that you do not have with ours (yet). Therefore, your cat will be much more comfortable with you than our cats will.

Pick your moments

We sometimes see guests trying to pet cats who are grooming or walking away, taking photos of the cats when they're using litter boxes, or touching the cats' faces when they're eating a treat. These things don't harm the cats, but they don't bring out their best either.

It's good to pick your moments - if the cat isn't looking at you and can't see you coming, or they're engaged in another activity, we recommend making sure you've made eye contact with the cat before moving toward them. 

Toys away from the face, please

Cats have great mid-to-long range eyesight and even better hearing. If you're moving a toy anywhere in the cafe and they're not engaged with it, it's most likely because they don't want to play with it at that time. 

We sometimes see people trying to make sure the cat 'sees' a toy by putting it on the cats head or close in their face. Truth is - cats really aren't into that and they actually see it less well when it's close to their face. 

Cats have terrible short-range eyesight, that's why they have whiskers to help them sense things close to their face.  Placing a toy on their head or dangling it super-close to their face will achieve the precise opposite of what you're hoping for!

Moreover, as hunters, cats enjoy a challenge! A mouse never dangles itself willingly in a cat's face - it runs under furniture, up poles, under rugs. Move the toy like a mouse or a bird and you will bring out the hunter in our cats. 

The Cat Carer is there to help you find the right toy and technique to play.  With the right toy & cat combo, you can swoosh a toy around on the floor downstairs and a cat will hear it from upstairs and come running down - they definitely know when a toy they like is in play and will get involved in a game from time to time.