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Meet The Cats - Sherlock


Meet The Cats


Black and white rescue kitten Sherlock at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

About Sherlock:

Sherlock and his two brothers, Watson and Moriarty, joined the Lady Dinah's family in June 2023. The Holmes litter quickly adapted to life at the Emporium, eagerly exploring their new surroundings and mingling with the other cats.


Like his namesake, Sherlock is curious and independent (though he doesn't smoke a pipe or get involved in murder investigations). He's a cheeky chap who loves to play and can often be seen having fun with his lookalike, Hippo. Despite his adventurous nature, Sherlock still enjoys spending time with his brothers.

Cat Adoption Information:

Sherlock hasn’t let us know that he's ready to be re-homed yet, but if you’re interested in adopting, join our mailing list here for re-homing announcements!