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Meet The Cats - Merry

Meet The Cats


About Merry:

Merry is one of the calicos in our Lord of the Rings litter and is a total cutie! Her enormous ears and acrobatic sleeping positions are often what first draw our guests to little Merry. She's all about playtime, and the best way to her heart is through dangling a toy in her direction rather than giving her a cuddle! Merry loves to show off her jumping ability, so flick a toy in the air and watch her leap after it!


Merry is very chatty and loves the sound of her own name. She is often seen flirting with guests and demanding that the cat carers give her a personal massage in the form of firm butt pats. It's unconventional, but Merry likes what she likes!

Cat Adoption Information:

Merry hasn’t let us know that she's ready to be re-homed yet, but if you’re interested in adopting, join our mailing list here for re-homing announcements!