Mama Mue is ready to relax!

Ahhh nooooooooo we didn't want this day to come, but the lady knows what she wants and Mama doesn't mess about: It's time to retire for our beautiful calico grand-dame, Mama Mue. 

Mama has been staying at Abbie's house for a holiday for the past few weeks and she has really thrived there. She enjoys singing chirpy little songs while she patrols the house and flirting with Abbie's boyfriend. 

Mama Mue stealing hearts

Mama Mue: Stealin' yo man since 2012

This is a huge event for us, as Mama is such a strong personality and a big favourite with the team. There's not one of us who is happy to see her leave, but as our cat care mantra goes: The cats are always right.

Mue in a cat bed


After all, who are we to tell Mue that our moral objective to give her a forever home takes precedence over her actual innate desire to move out? We tried to argue the point, but it turns out that it's impossible to debate a cat, especially one as single-minded as Mama, and so here we are. 

Whatever Mama wants; Mama gets.

We are sure going to miss her little squeaks and demands for bum-pats (The girl loves a gentle spank, as guests who have visited us will verify!) and her gentle, but sassy nature. 

Mue having a butt spank!



Now it's time to hear from Mue herself:

About Me (by Mue) 

Mue's Tinder Profile

  • Name: Mue 
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: estimated 01/03/11 - ~7.5 years old

Favourite toys:

I really like coarse threads, but I also like to chew them so you need to be careful that they don’t fray. 

I also like shiny pipe cleaners, laser pens (sometimes), shadows.

Mama playing

Favourite games:

I like to chase threads and strings, especially when they are tied to a rod and trailed over different surfaces at different heights. I enjoy working out how to reach them wherever it may be, standing up to reach them and chasing them over long distances.

Mue in Action

Favourite type of bed

Mue Napping

I LOVE big cardboard scratchers to sleep on (like the ones from 3 Fat Cats), but also enjoy sleeping on a comfy office chair or inside cardboard boxes.

Favourite treats

I like tiny pieces of dry chicken, I can take or leave fish treats. I’m very gentle so I prefer if you put it on the palm of your hand instead of trying to feed me with pinched fingers.

Favourite food

I prefer either chicken or tuna flavoured food from Almo Nature, Thrive or Applaws, with a lot of juice or a bit of water added for extra hydration. I don’t like wet food that’s set in jelly though, jelly is gross. The cat care staff keep trying to sneak me low calorie food at the cafe and I won't have it. FORGET IT GUYS. 

Favourite brush

I don’t usually like to be brushed, especially on my hips or belly (especially with the furminator), but I have a lot of fur and I do need to be brushed often. I prefer soft plastic bristled brushes and when I'm in the mood, I like to be brushed on my cheeks, the top of my head, and from her neck down to the base of my tail.

How I like to be petted

I LOVE a good butt pat at the base of my tail or on my hips. I also love to lay over a scratcher while you brush me or stroke from the base of my neck to the base of my tail, especially if you use your nails.

Mue having a Back Scratch

I sometimes enjoy being stroked on my head and lean my head down to have my ears scratched, but only when I am really comfortable and will ask for it when it’s the right time. I also like when you use a finger to softly stroke above my eyes and ears and even sometimes on my nose - but only if I know you very well! Only close friends can touch the face. 

Funny habits I have

Mue with her paws in a small box

I can be very vocal if I am happy or want you to give me attention. I love wandering round chirping especially if you talk back to me. I enjoy sitting looking out of windows and I like to have a crazy run around the house some evenings. I LOVE verbal reassurance and I will be braver if you kneel down at my level.

Things I dislike

If you walk near my face or if you suddenly pick up big objects (e.g. a guitar or move a chair), spray bottles, hoovers - the usual, really.

How I respond to strangers

I am usually fine with strangers, but I might not be as friendly with them at first and I don’t like when people I don’t know touch my head.

How I feel about other cats, dogs and children

I don’t particularly like cats I don’t know, especially assertive older cats or really rambunctious young kittens - I prefer calm and quiet company. I used to get on well with Donnie and Biscuit at the cafe. 

I’m scared of dogs and children, I wouldn't want a home that had either of those in them.

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Queen of the castle

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