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Meet The Cats - Moriarty


Meet The Cats


Moriarty is a grey and white rescue cat who lives at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

About Moriarty:

Don't be misled by his name: Moriarty is a lovely boy and has no enmity with Sherlock! Moriarty joined the Lady Dinah's family with his brothers in June 2023 and has settled in wonderfully.


Moriarty is a tad more introverted than his brothers but is still very affectionate. When napping in his favourite spot, his grey fur can blend in with the brown-grey "bark" of the enchanted tree in our wonderland-themed basement, making him hard to spot. When not doing his low-key "impurrsonation" of the Cheshire Cat, Moriarty loves playing with his favourite toy: a neon pink wiggly worm.

Cat Adoption Information:

Moriarty hasn’t let us know that he's ready to be re-homed yet, but if you’re interested in adopting, join our mailing list here for re-homing announcements!