Catch up with the beautiful, velvety Kaiden (Adamska)!

Time to hear about another cat graduate adventures in their forever home!
Kaiden, formerly known as Adamska, is a black velvet sweetheart that absolutely loves cuddles and sitting in people's laps!
You might remember him from the time he used to live in the cafe and cause mischief alongside with his twin brother Loki. Back in their cat cafe days they were both incredibly playful and affectionate cats that would always steal the show (and the treats) and not appreciate having to share any of the above with the other cats. 
Loki and Adamska back at Lady Dinah's in 2014
Nowadays Kaiden lives with his forever family in the Olympic Village, snoozing on his humans, chasing birds and squirrels on tv's, hiding in wrapping paper and pretty much being the most handsome chap! 
You can follow this lovely guy over on his Instagram page

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