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Meet The Cats - Gimli


Meet The Cats


About Gimli:

Gimli is the princess of the Lord of the Rings clan! She is the only black and white cat in her litter. This dainty little lady loves to prance around the café, delighting her adoring audience. For such an elegant lady, she has a very loud and demanding voice and can be heard yelling at the cat carers for piggybacks and to be paraded around the café.


If she's not being showered with love, she'll be more than content lazing around in a fluffy bed with her long legs dangling. Like her sister Legolas, Gimli is a sly fox and enjoys mischief from time to time, so there always needs to be an extra eye watching out for her and her fiendish ways!

Adoption Information:

Gimli hasn’t let us know that she's ready to be re-homed yet, but if you’re interested in adopting, join our mailing list here for re-homing announcements!