Why Peter is 2020's Finest Supermeowdel

Gorgeous Peter is Lady Dinah’s resident supermodel. With his large stature, floofy coat and smouldering golden eyes, he’s a true beauty to behold-- and he sure knows it! He’s always effortlessly camera-ready and anyone who befriends him is destined to end up with hundreds of photos of his...

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Farewell to Victor: The Most Special Cat We Know

It’s a tender time for the team at The Emporium as we prepare to say goodbye to the most wonderfully unique feline that has ever crossed our path: it’s Victor’s time to depart from the cafe and settle into retirement in his own forever home. He’s been getting...

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10 Things We'll Miss about Sybil

Last month, in mid-November, we saw the departure of our lovely lady Sybil from the café, and she embarked on a cosy journey of retirement with former Lady Dinah’s staff member, Amber. Although she is hugely loved by every member of the team, she showed clear signs of...

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Milly's New Adventure

It has been a couple of months since our last Milly update and we’re happy to report that she’s made even more positive progress since then. In case you haven’t been keeping up with Milly’s story, the essence of it is that in January she was abandoned in...

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