Catch up with Ernest!

This is somewhat overdue as an update - It's time to check in on little Ernest! 

You may notice in the photo at the bottom of this post that he is not so little anymore. Ernest is one of the biggest of the Wilde Kitten Family now, and he's quite a strapping lad. 

Ernest in a Rose Bed

Some of you will remember he was offered for adoption several months ago and then we sort of erm... *cough* ... neglected our blog.  We have posted now and again, but it has been admittedly quite ad-hoc, so this update is a little late in coming. 

We're very happy to report that Ernest was adopted by a new housemate, Katie, and he is enjoying being one of the household in a flat share in East London.

When looking for a new home for Ernest, we really worried about him being alone for too long during the daytime, as he never seemed to cope well without a human pal nearby. A flat share arrangement where the residents work different hours has proven to be a great option from him: there's almost always a human about to help him feel safe and secure. 

He has been having a lovely time being the only cat and is very settled with his new extended family. Here he is in his new home and he's very happy to report that he doesn't have to share the window with Biscuit anymore! 

Ernest window

He's a very affectionate little chap and at night demands to be spooned whilst he's falling asleep. Loves to spend his days chit chatting to his humans and he's very vocal when he thinks he's not getting enough attention. 
Some of his favourite new activities are: running up and down the stairs and chasing toys and flies, joining in for family meals by sitting at the table and drinking water from a mug.
When the humans are having a bath he loves to sit in the sink and pretend they're all having a spa day together.


  • So happy the cats are finding forever homes. A place of their own.

    by Dominique
  • Such a happy boy!

    by Jessica
  • Very happy to see Ernest settled in his new home. Being spooned by a cat is such a lovely experience so his new house mates are very lucky. Kitty has landed well on his four paws!

    by Sheila
  • Spa day with Ernie. Awww.

    by Sabine
  • Soooo happy that Ernest has found a happy forever home. Bless him.

    by Maddy

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