Oberon joins the Family!

Handsome little newcomer Oberon is now in the cafe!


We returned him to the cafe yesterday and set up a private little space for him, but Oberon DID NOT WANT and insisted on going straight out into the cafe to meet the other cats. 

Donnie was delighted with the new arrival and was very excited to meet him. He spent most of his day hovering protectively near Oberon and keeping an eye on him in the special way only Donnie does. The other cats came around for an inspection as well and although there were some flat bodies and little hisses, there were no real dramas at all, which is remarkable for such a fast arrival - we usually introduce our cats much more slowly than that, but Obie didn't give us much choice. 

In the meantime, Donnie wanted to be special and stole Oberon's room. He's such a middle child. Obie didn't care: he didn't want to be penned in anyway, so everyone was happy. 

Donnie steal

We won't have Obie out in the main cafe all the time - he has to get used it it little by little. The Cat Carers will bring him out to meet guests and will take him away to rest as needed during the day. Oberon is likely to be one of those kittens that will play until they drop! We've found in the past we've had to take younger cats off the floor if they're too overexcited because they don't sleep as much as they need.  We'll also be evicting Donnie out of Obie's room at night time so that Oberon has his own space overnight ;) 

We weren't expecting him to be out and about like this until maybe Monday, so he's surprising us all with his confidence.  

Donnie and Obie

Donnie likes to remain nearby and he and Obie are showing positive body language toward each other, so we think they'll be friends soon.  We're quite pleased Obie can go out into the cafe already as he's such a high-energy cat and we think he's really going to enjoy having lots of people to play with him. If you do meet him, please do remember that playtime means more to him than cuddles, so if you really want to make friends, give him something to chase. 

Oberon is taking it all in his stride and is a real little trouper. We noticed while he was in foster care that he was a brave cat and a bit scrappy to boot, so we don't think he's going to have any trouble taking his place in the cafe.

If anything, he may be a little too rowdy for some of our older cats and he's likely to be a dreadful toy-stealer (thieving toys from other cats is a cat-cafe cat social faux pas but he'll learn that soon enough).

We hope he enjoys many happy moments with you!


  • He looks like a charmer and will soon be stealing hearts from guests as well as toys. I may have to plan a trip across the pond to meet him.

    by Susan Bornt
  • Hi there. He looks so handsome. I think it’s lovely work you do. Obviously would not suit every cat but you are so sensitive to their individual needs. Lovely.

    by Liz Davies
  • He is such a handsome cat! Looking forward to making his acquaintance in due course :-)

    by Helen Taskiran
  • He looks absolutely gorgeous! I will have to come to meet him SOON.

    by Andie Cayne

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