Oh, Romeo, wherefore art thou?

It seems like only yesterday Romeo was here with us, but he was rehomed all the way back in 2015, four years ago! Time flies and we don't like to intrude into their new lives too much, but we often think of our cats who we've known and loved.  John and Romeo have kindly provided us with a few new pics of Retirement Romeo enjoying his home. 

As evidenced by this demonstration of floofy belleh+ bunny paws, Romeo sure is relaxed and happy. 

He also continues to be very handsome ❤️

A Classic leg-out Snooze - some things never change!

Romeo is still demanding piggybacks into his middle age, it seems he and his brother Donnie will never grow out of that favourite activity. 

We are really happy to see this handsome chap loving his new home and enjoying life to the fullest! Romeo always had a lot of love to offer and we couldn't think of anyone more deserving than his attentive dad, John. Thanks for looking after Romeo, John, and may he bring you happiness for many more years to come! 

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