Kicking back with Carbs!

Awww yeeeea! Our girl has moved on up and moved on out, time to break free, nothing can stop her 🙌

Carbonelle has moved out with Rowan, two of the great mutual loves of the Cat Emporium:  perhaps even a rival to the famed Donnie/Lauren friendship! 

Longtime friends will remember that Carbonelle was once re-homed in about 2015, unsuccessfully, as she didn't want to settle and she consequently returned to the cafe. 

Carbonelle Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium

This time, because it was with someone she knew well, she's settled in! We already miss our floofy girl, with her squeaky little meow and clumsy ways, but we're so happy to see she is enjoying retirement now. Kara is especially heartbroken, as they were particular friends, but as the saying goes 'if you love something set it free,' and we do love our girl ❤️

Rowan is going to join us on Youtube on Monday March 25th at 7pm GMT for our weekly livestream and she'll be bringing us up to date on how Carbs is settling in and let us know how she is going too!  

We are going to be sharing more and more on our Youtube channel from now on, as we'll be doing weekly live updates from the cafe every Monday, so if you'd like to be kept up to date, hop on over, subscribe and we'll see you on Monday evenings! 

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