Donnie is moving out!

That's right! After 5 years of piggybacks, shouting at the staff, mentoring small cats, wrapping himself in bubblewrap and being an all-round goofball, Donnie is off to a new home to enjoy his grand old 5-year retirement. 

But wait, I hear you say - hasn't Donnie had a special affinity with Lauren since he was a little kitten? How can she let him go? 

She can't! Donnie is going to move out of the cafe and retire with Lauren and Greg. Usually we offer cats for adoption more widely, but this a very special case and Donnie and Lauren are besties for life. 

Donnie will be moving out in February so that he can enjoy his life as a retiree, so if you would like to visit to see him, make sure you book in the next 2 to 3 weeks as he'll be heading off soon.

We're hoping Donnie will be happy to stick around to help settle in Oberon, who is currently recovering from his neutering procedure yesterday. We're expecting to get Oberon's blood test results next Monday afternoon. If he's all clear and on the mend by Wednesday, we'll be bringing him back to the cafe and introducing him to everyone! 

We'll determine a date for Donnie's final day at 'work' once we see how Oberon is getting along. Donnie is such a great big brother to all our new arrivals, so we would like his help on this last integration.

Donnie and Ernest

Because he's staying in the Lady Dinah's family, Donnie may still pop up on our social feeds from time to time and Lauren will keep everyone updated on how he's doing!

For those wondering - will all the cats have a 5-year retirement? Yes, they will. They have a busy life for a cat and we feel it's only fair that they get the same right to retirement that a human would have. So yes, excitable Wookie fans:  that means Wookie and Carbonelle will be next to put their paws up somewhere special. We're not ready yet to take enquiries right now, but it will be coming up! 


  • I remember Donnie cos he was the most chilled out cat in the cafe…he did his thing and let the other cats do their thing too…

    by Silvana Withe
  • I am so pleased I got to meet Donnie last weekend, such a cutie. Enjoy your retirement little man xxx

    by Wendy
  • I am so pleased I got to meet Donnie last weekend, such a cutie. Enjoy your retirement little man xxx

    by Wendy
  • Bless him – all the best Donnie be good x

    by deborah daniels
  • Good luck to Donnie and Lauren – I’m sure he’ll have a wonderful life with her at home xxx

    by Jackie Dryden

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