Best Friends Furever: Olive and Estella 💕

This week on Through the Keyhole, we’re trying not to trip over cat toys and fall into litter trays. Careful! You almost stepped in a Beco bowl. Shhh! You’ll wake the girls. Wait! Do you hear that rumble? No, it’s not purring… It’s coming from overhead. They’re scampering...

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Kitten Capers with Pip and Baz

Capers, romps, antics, frolics and shenanigans! Leah’s got them all by the fluff tonne at her place! She’s fostering two of the Emporium’s most playful scamps, Pip and Baz. These two goofballs of fur joined the family last summer and are not yet a year old, so they require (DEMAND)...

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A Fluff Tonne of Fun with the Trotters

Fluff Tonne (see also: meowtric ton) nounA unit of measurement which indicates the immense and, paradoxically, immeasurable joy that can be derived from the company of cats. “I had a fluff tonne of fun at Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium” “Abbie received a fluff tonne of cuddles from Rodney”...

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Only Floofs, No Horses

Much like his namesake, our Del Boy lives by the cockney proverb that “only fools and horses work.” He is accustomed to the good life at Lady Dinah’s and therefore has very high standards for keeping up appearances. Once it was announced that the cats would leave the...

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