Dorian and Sybil in Recovery Care

If you've been watching the story of our Wilde kittens, you might know that our boys, Ernest and Cecil recently got neutered. *Read story here*

They are both doing great, Ernest is incredibly playful and loves to chase his spring toy around the cafe, while Cecil is more and more affectionate and wants constant cuddles from Donnie. 

So this week it was our little girls turn to have surgery. Chief Cat Carer Laura took Sybil and Dorian to Medivet Islington on Wednesday and they are currently resting comfortably in our isolation room.  

If you are visiting the Cat Emporium during the next couple of weeks, please be mindful of our little ladies while they recover. We initially tried to keep them in the recovery room, where they could be safe and quiet - but they weren't having any of it! They want to be out in the cafe with guests and cats, and from our experience with the other Cat Emporium residents, we've found the distress of isolation is often detrimental to recovery.

This means that the girls will be out and about in the cafe, under supervision, for small intervals at a time. This will help keep their minds and bodies active and maintain the bonds they have with the other feline residents. All playtime will need to be carefully supervised to prevent the incisions from opening and delaying the healing process, so don't be alarmed if our team members hover over them a bit - we have to be careful with them!

Although they can't cavort to their usual standard, we are 100% sure our fluffballs will appreciate extra snuggles and love during the next few weeks. 

Regarding Salome, the final kitten who hasn't yet been spayed, well - she's very small. The Cat Care team discussed her size and we'd like to let her grow up a little bit more before she goes under anaesthetic for a spaying procedure. In the meantime, Salome lives with a colony of boys who have all been neutered, so she won't be at risk of unwanted litters. 

Salome gets to enjoys hanging out with Wookie until her sisters fully recover, and when she's a little bigger, it will be time for our cheeky little sprite to undergo the same procedure. 

At Lady Dinah's we really believe that spaying and neutering practices are helpful in managing the number of abandoned animals and strays. For more information about these practices and why they're important, check out International Cat Care's page on Spaying and Neutering:


  • Thank you for all your loving kindness you give to the kittens & cats.
    I have visited your place three times now & have loved every minute of it.
    Your staff are very friendly too.

    by Jill Mann
  • They all look so beautifully healthy happy and well cared for. Look forward to coming to the cafe again at some point. Have a great day x

    by Jackie Dryden
  • I wish Sybil and Dorian a speedy recovery x I’ve just had my kittens spayed too. They are wanting to run around like crazy and trying to stop them jumping is really hard. Can I ask what toys do your cats like to play with? I worry about mine being bored

    by Hayley Boxall

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