High Tea: now extra sparkling!

For a long time we've been asked to serve Prosecco with our High Tea with Cats service. 

To be purr-fectly frank, we've always been a little reluctant to mix booze and cats - our feline family are our top priority and we don't want to do anything that might make them nervous or put them at risk. 

However, after our first crazy few years, things at Lady Dinah's are settling down. We're finding our groove and word has got around that we're the kind of place where you come to chill out and relax. After 3 and a half years of operating, with a wonderful and responsible team of service staff and cat carers, we now feel like we're in a safe position to get ourselves an alcohol licence. 

We're cautious types and like to take things slowly, so our new alcohol licence will only be used for special occasions. For now, we will only offer Prosecco mini-bottles with High Tea service; and mulled wine & cider on wintry evenings, during our Wednesday night events. 

We will have a limit of 2-standard drinks per guest. This is to protect our cats and we hope you'll understand. 

Our team will be trained up on the 'Challenge 25' policy, so if you do wish to have a drink when you're with us, and are blessed with youthful good looks & might be mistaken for being under 25, please make sure you bring your ID with you. 

In due course, if we are satisfied that having bubbles on the menu is not increasing risk to our cats, we may add alcohol to our standard menu, but we will, as always, take our lead from the cats. 

We're trying out possibilities for new additions to the drinks menu in the meantime - the Lady Dinah's Team are certainly happy to oblige with the taste-testing process! 

You can buy the prosecco upgrade for your upcoming High Tea online in advance, or order it from the service staff when you arrive. There is an additional cost per bottle, as none of our High Tea packages include alcoholic drinks by default.  

We hope you enjoy a civilised glass of bubbly with your friends when you visit and we look forward very much to seeing you at the Cat Emporium! 

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