The story of the Flowerpot Kittens

Earlier this year, Olivia reached out to us to help her with a stray cat who had just given birth to four little kittens in her flowerpot. 

The rare ginger queen, nicknamed Maxi, was being fed by Olivia for some time. With cooler weather on the way, and Maxi having to put a lot of time and care into looking after her little ones, Olivia knew that they needed foster homes to keep the whole family well and strong enough to survive the upcoming winter. 

After word was put out, Lisa was able to get in touch with Olivia and offer a foster home for Maxi and her little ones. 

Lisa has done a fantastic job fostering, making sure the kittens receive all their worming treatments and vaccinations, and ensuring Maxi herself is also given a clean bill of health and is spayed before going back to Olivia.

She's been very generous with her time, sending us and Olivia updates on the kittens and covering all the costs of their care. In September, the LDCE community contributed towards the care of the kittens, and the total raised (£82.39 after fees) was sent directly to Village Vets Islington, who have been looking after the kittens with Lisa since day 1.

This lovely contribution from our followers has helped cover the cost of medical procedures, and we want to thank everyone who participated in the fundraising for their support of Lisa and the wonderful work she is doing looking after animals in need. 

Maxi gave birth to four little ones: 2 gingers (1 male, 1 female), 1 ginger-and-white (female) and 1 white kitten (male). All but one ginger kitten has been found a home already. Those with new families will be leaving the nest in the coming weeks, once they are old enough to leave Maxi and their brothers and sisters. 

Lisa is going to capably continue on her own to rehome the remaining ginger kitten, however if she needs support in finding a home, we will share the news and let you all know. 

Maxi is doing well after being spayed on November 7 and is recovering well. She will continue her life on the streets, as she is not tame and does not trust people. Lisa will return Maxi to her territory near Olivia's home and Olivia will continue to put food and shelter out, although Maxi is yet to use the shelter provided and seems to prefer her freedom to come and go!

Now that Maxi has been spayed, her body will no longer have to undergo the stress and risk of carrying and raising kittens and she will hopefully have a safer and easier life thanks to Olivia and Lisa's efforts. 

Please join us in celebrating Olivia and Lisa for all their kindnesses to Maxi and her family! The world is now a better place for these 5 little lives thanks to you. 

As ever, we'd like to encourage our readers to consider the benefits of having your pets spayed.

The time of year is approaching where female cats begin to go into season, with many kittens being born early in the year, and throughout springtime. You can read more about the advantages of spaying and neutering your cat on the iCatCare website.


  • Are any of these gorgeous kitties for sale? ❤️

    by Sharon
  • Thank you Olivia & Lisa for what you have done.
    You are both amazing people.
    Thank you to anyone else for their help in this matter.
    Cats are my favourites & I adore them.
    I do alot of cat sitting for friends.

    by Jill Mann
  • Adorable! We have four cats wHo were all adopted. One was actually a feral cat my mother had. All inside kitties..I love ginger kitties! Thank you for all you guys do! One day I’m going to come back to England and visit your cafe!

    by Cynthia Moore, Woodstock, Georgia USA
  • WOW beautiful story, and so good to know that there are wonderful caring people out there.

    by Chrissie Stacey
  • Hi There,
    is the ginger who still hasn’t found a home a she or a he?

    by Paola Di Meglio

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