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  • Are any of these gorgeous kitties for sale? ❤️

  • Jill Mann

    Thank you Olivia & Lisa for what you have done.
    You are both amazing people.
    Thank you to anyone else for their help in this matter.
    Cats are my favourites & I adore them.
    I do alot of cat sitting for friends.

  • Cynthia Moore, Woodstock, Georgia USA

    Adorable! We have four cats wHo were all adopted. One was actually a feral cat my mother had. All inside kitties..I love ginger kitties! Thank you for all you guys do! One day I’m going to come back to England and visit your cafe!

  • Chrissie Stacey

    WOW beautiful story, and so good to know that there are wonderful caring people out there.

  • Paola Di Meglio

    Hi There,
    is the ginger who still hasn’t found a home a she or a he?

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