Updates on the Wilde kittens - Cecil and Ernest

It’s been quite a while since our last blog post due to lots of new and wonderful changes in our café. Our décor has been transformed, we’ve organised a wonderful Mad Hatter Banquet for some lovely influencers, we've worked on a brand new website for our guests and last but not least, we’ve had our hands full since we introduced the Wilde kittens to our cat family!


Do you remember these tiny fluff balls? We cant believe how quickly the time went by: our lovely little guys are already 6 months old and grew into these incredible felines!

It's been lovely and we have to be responsible cat parents now! As we strongly believe in the health benefits of spaying and neutering your cat, last week, our chief Cat Carer Laura scheduled the boys, Ernest and Cecil to get a little snip.

They’ve recovered wonderfully, thanks to our friends at Medivet Islington and they’re benefitting from in-home aftercare with Cesar from Home Vets London and our devoted team of cat carers. You can see them in the cafe wearing their comfy collars with pride! 

We are now getting ready for the beautiful little girls Dorian, Sybil and Salome to go in for their surgery over the coming weeks. So there may be a few more kittens with soft collars in the cafe throughout November. 

If you are looking for financial assistance for neutering/spaying your cat, you can find here how Cats Protection can help with the costs:



  • Hi David, we made it ourselves!

    Jo Levin Custom Made built the framework, and two of our Team Members, Luca Orlando and Silvia Villar, set the artistic direction and instructed the Cat Emporium team on how to construct the installation.

    Once the tree was built, Luca and Silvia did the final painting and detail work.

    Building a tree like this is very expensive! But they would be able to do it again for you. If you’re still interested, email us at info@ladydinahs.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch!

    by ladydinah
  • Hi there,

    on your blog you feature images of cats in what looks like an artificial tree. Is this so and if so, where do you get them. I’m picking up my first Persian kitten tomorrow and would love her to have something more realistic looking to play, hide and sleep in.


    by David Bradley

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