Mad Catters Tea Party at Lady Dinah's Cat Emprium

Check out our Mad Catters Tea Party!

The Lady Dinah’s team hosted our very first banquet event on August 30th to celebrate our conversion to Cat Wonderland.

For those of you who have followed us from the very beginning, you’ll recall our decor and general set up was a little… well… humble… We had so many challenges to set up the UKs first fully-fledged Cat Cafe, by the time we got to opening, we weren’t able to realise our original vision for an uplifting and delightful cat wonderland.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve made ongoing improvements, usually late at night, with our own hands and a team of friends and co-workers (Jo Levin, Luca van Dort, Silvia Villar), all the while running one of London’s most popular venues.

We’re so pleased to see our Cat Wonderland shaping up and delighting customers every day. Although we’ll never stop tinkering with it and making improvements, we feel like we’re finally where we always wanted to be, offering a unique and magical space to unwind with some feline company.

Special thanks to our influencers for joining our banquet table and sharing so many beautiful photos online for us, and a big thank to Italian Eye for styling the table and helping us connect with some of the best food suppliers in London.

Palais Flowers did a marvellous job styling our flowers, and we hope you’ll agree that our first Mad Hatters Tea turned out beautifully.

As always, big love to the Cat Emporium team: Mona for always pitching in with decor and building, Abbie and Sinead for their careful eye for detail on the food presentation, Mo for charming everyone on the floor and Laura for helping everything run smoothly on the night.

This was our first big event and we’re so proud of the team for working together so well, as always. We’d love to throw more parties like this, so if you’re looking for a special celebration, we can help! Drop us an email at - we are also considering applying for a licence to conduct civil partnerships, so a future Cat Wedding is not out of the question!

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  • My friend & I look forward to booking up a visit to see your beautiful cats . I have a bengal cat and she has a black and white domestic cat 😻😻😻

    by Thelma Perkins

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