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  • Charles Biggie

    Very pleased to say Rodney and Cassandra have settled into their new home in Chesham, Buckinghamshire very nicely. They arrived on Easter Saturday, but Rodney promptly gave us the fright of our lives when he disappeared the following day. We’d got to the blind panic stage, when I heard movement from under the kitchen cabinets. That scare over, they’ve proved themselves the most entertaining pair, Rodney with his habit of fetching his feather toy to us when he wants a game, which cannot be denied him. Cassandra is a lot more self contained but very vocal in her demands when she want attention (food).
    Both are real people cats in the sense that they will always gravitate to the room wherever either of us are, and real attention seekers.
    We love them to bits – THANK YOU Lady Dinah’s and particularly fosterer Abbie for adding some character once again to our household, quiet since we said goodbye to our Russian Blues a couple of years ago.
    We look forward to our booked visit on Monday 9th, when we will bring a photo album.
    Charles and Liz

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