Fostering Hijinks with Freyja and Tinks

Last week we announced the launch of our new “feline good” blog series, Cats in Quarantine, and now we welcome you to its first proper installment! In this post, our wonderful café manager, Freyja, lists the top ten things she loves about fostering Tinkerbell.

Tinkerbell (or Stinker Smell as we sometimes refer to her, not that she’s remotely malodorous) is one of our most easy-going residents. She’s friendly but very independent and takes things in her languorous quadrupedal stride. It was decided, therefore, that she wouldn’t be fazed if placed with a cat she didn’t already know. Freyja’s live-in feline companion, a very handsome boy named Dorian, is amiable and not particularly territorial, so the match was made!


Ten Things I Love About Fostering Tinkerbell

1. Her penchant for piggybacks

Cat piggyback! Tinkerbell sits on her foster mum's back.

Tink’s favourite mode of transport is the piggyback! The first thing I did upon taking her home from the café was show her my flat from the comfort and safety of my back. This meant that she could take in her new surroundings from a vantage point that makes her feel secure: Tink is always happiest when she’s high up.

Here’s a photo of Tink assessing her new kingdom. I certainly put the “ride” in Pride Rock, as you can see! TFL should probably list me as one of their key workers.

2. Her eye for real estate

Tinkerbell surveys her new surroundings from the top of Freyja's wardrobe.

Tink has wasted no time in making herself at home! Back at Lady Dinah’s, if ever a guest or staff member wanted to find her, all they would have to do is look up. She likes to establish look-out spots wherever she goes and my flat has been no exception. I have always thought of this small area above my wardrobe as nothing more than a bit of storage space, but Tink saw its potential immediately and has claimed it as her den. It didn’t take her long to realise that my cat, Dorian, is not as a accomplished at climbing as she is, so she can always hang out up here if she wants to enjoy some solitude.

Whether she’s engaged in espionage or just a bit of light people-watching, we’ll never know!

3. Her desire for snugs and cuddles

Tinkerbell grabs Freyja's hand to indicate that she wants to be stroked more.

While she does enjoy time to herself for some quiet relaxation, Tinkerbell is an affectionate little miss! Every morning she descends from her den, much like a divine being from Olympus, and blesses me with cuddles. She loves to have her face rubbed along both cheeks and at the top of her nose, between her eyes. She’s demanding but gentle: if you stop stroking her before she’s satisfied, she’ll use her paws to guide your hand back to the sweet spots! She assures me that I’ll soon be a qualified meowsseuse.

 4. Her totally understandable appetite for tasty treats

Tink's amber eyes blaze and her ears prick up when she hears the rustle of a bag of treats!

Like so many four-legged fiends, Tink is very motivated by food. Here she is exhibiting her best gremlin face, one you can expect to see in response to the rustle of a packet being opened.

If you were ever submerged beneath an avalanche of kibble (I am not a statistician and cannot tell you how likely this scenario is), would you be reassured to find Tink on the scene or would you fear for your life?

5. Her cleanliness and excellent manners

Tink, a black and white cat, licks her paw to wash her face.

Tink is a polite and considerate house guest. She has no issues with using the litter tray, eats her food without any complaints, and is careful not to make a mess. Her light, nimble tread means that she never knocks things over when she’s exploring high-up places, which is something I really appreciate.

If Tink were a human, she would probably be the sort of dinner guest who would use a coaster without being prompted to! Mind you, if Tink were a human I might be less thrilled by her use of the litter tray…

6. Her laid-back nature

Tink, a black and white cat, looks over her shoulder with a sweet expression on her bewhiskered face.

Tink has always been a chilled-out cat. Rumour has it that the phrase “cool cat” was coined in the 1950s when Tink was observed lounging around a jazz bar in Soho with a glass of cream in her paw and a beret sliding off of her head. It’s difficult to give much credence to this speculation given that Tink was only born a few years ago, but people say all manner of fanciful things.

The best thing about Tink’s calm demeanour is that she’s adaptable. It’s always tricky to introduce a cat to a household which already has reigning meownarch, but there has been minimal disruption. King of the Castle, Dorian, tried to eat Tink’s food when she first arrived and she barely raised an eyebrow.

7. Her inquisitive spirit

Tink, a black and white cat, stands on her hind legs and sniffs the air.

It’s easy to imagine that Tink might have been an investigative journalist in another life as she is always exploring and keen to observe others! Mind you, she would have trouble meeting her deadlines given that she likes to sleep for the majority of the day.

Rather than being in hot purrsuit of the latest exclusive, Tink is always in search of a high perch. She enjoys watching the world go by and her whiskers perk up when she thinks she’s identified a potential roost.

8. The Sweet Sounds She Makes: Volume I (pun intended)

Tink enjoys having her chin scratched!

Have you ever held a seashell to your ear and listened for the breath of the sea? It’s almost as soothing as resting your head next to Tink when she’s purring! I wasn’t aware that this little lady enjoyed belly rubs until we got to spend more time together, but now I know how much she enjoys receiving attention when she’s lazing on her favourite blanket. Let the calm wash over you as your feline friend mimics the sound of the surf.

9. The Sweet Sounds She Makes: Volume II

Tinkerbell, and black and white cat, stretches between dreams.

For such a small and dainty girl, Tink can snore pretty loudly! She spends many hours of the day snoozing happily and one really wonders what she’s dreaming of. Perhaps she’s dreaming of treats, or maybe she’s remembering her days in the café spent gazing at the tops of people’s heads and lamenting the fact that fancy hats have gone out of fashion.

10. Her beautiful beans

Tink displays her pink and black toe beans!

Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart!

That’s it. That’s the end of the ditty.
We don’t do indelicate rhyming couplets here, just cat-related wordplay.

Coffee beans increase your heart rate, baked beans are high in fibre, and toe beans could be said to elevate your mood! Unlike the other two, though, toe beans have never been known to cause any kind of stomach upset.

Overall, I will dearly miss Tinkerbell’s presence in my home once she’s able to return to the Emporium. She’s been a wonderful addition to my household since the lockdown began but I’m glad that I’ll still be able to see her every day that I’m at work. She’s been the purrfect flatmate and will continue to be one of my very favourite colleagues! Thank you for enriching my time spent indoors, Tink!

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