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  • Asela Ball

    Looking forward to spending a week with Julie and Sharon in a couple of weeks to help in some small way. My husband was going to go too but decided to reallocate his ticket money to sending much needed supplies. If anyone does know any veterinary meds reps or drugs managers that are willing to help out with free samples or meds it would help the SCWA keep down running costs.

  • Carol Sperring

    Hello, it is very sad to read about the situation with so many cats in need . I expect this has already been suggested by someone else but would it be a good idea to start a petition through Care highlighting the situation and calling for the government to provide funding to help control the cat population through TNR which might also improverelations with local people and even convert some of them!

  • Thank you so much for highlighting our plight and for how much you did and saw in the short time you spent in Skiathos.
    Maria screams her gratitude along with everyone , feline and human thank you all at Lady Dinah’s and your supporters for being so kind to Skiathos 🐾🐾❤️

  • Rose Frampton

    What kind of veterinary things do you need, was hoping to see you end of may but not able to now. Will try to sort sometime later in year, I am a veterinary nurse so maybe able to get things from reps. Rose Frampton.

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