A very special High Tea in support of iCatCare

A very special high tea with Cat Cocktails at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium
in support of International Cat Care
Wednesday 18 July 2018

Join us on Wednesday 18 July: Book online now! 

This summer Lady Dinah's will be hosting a very special day of tea parties to help raise funds to support welfare projects for cats around the world.

You are cordially invited to a fabulous High Tea in the company of Lady Dinah's wonderful cats and staff on Wednesday 18 July. To make it extra special, there'll be cat-themed cocktails and an opportunity to celebrate the 60th birthday of feline charity, International Cat Care.

Lady Dinah's is a long time supporter of International Cat Care because it works for a world where all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding. The Lady Dinah team is strongly committed to the health and welfare of all cats - including those less fortunate ones who have such tough lives out on the streets.

To mark the anniversary, raise funds and help increase the profile of their work, iCatCare has asked their supporter community to run cat-themed cocktail parties around the world. There are 9 cocktails - the Nine Lives Collection - ranging from the traditional Meowgarita (with tequila and Triple Sec) to the contemporary Pawstar Martini (with vodka and passionfruit).

Join us on Wednesday 18 July: Book online now! 

Cocktail Cards

Lady Dinah's - always up for a cat themed party - has responded to the call with its own distinctive feline twist. The afternoon will include a luscious afternoon tea plus a cat themed cocktail, a cat quiz and the opportunity to find out more about International Cat Care and its work.

Vegan and gluten free options and a non-alcoholic version of the cocktails will also be available so everyone can take part. Gin-based cocktails seem most appropriate for a London party so the plan is to offer a refreshing Tom Cat Collins (gin and soda water) and the Ginger Tom (gin and ginger - hailed as the new gin and tonic!) Profits will go to International Cat Care's international welfare work.

Join us on Wednesday 18 July: Book online now! 

Before you book: 18+ only event, no groups > 6 guests permitted. Please refer to our house rules page for more information. 

More about International Cat Care

International Cat Care has worked for 60 years to create a different and better world for cats. Back in 1958 veterinary care for cats barely existed, but iCatCare's efforts encouraged the creation of vaccines, treatments and a pushed for improvements to the care of cats in ways unimaginable all those years ago. Now iCatCare is turning its attention to unowned cats because it believes the time is right to address the underlying causes and create sustainable solutions rather than a sticking plaster on the problem. It's time for change!


Want to do more to help cats?

Sign International Cat Care's Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats

The declaration has been developed by the charity to provide a clear framework to help everyone to protect and improve the welfare of cats all over the world. If you believe that the quality of life of every single cat matters, join us and declare your support for cats by reading, signing and sharing the #CatDeclaration: goo.gl/Ef6qq4

Hold your own Cat Cocktail party

A cat themed cocktail party is a great way to help cats and if you are inspired by Lady Dinah's party, you might like to consider hosting one too. The idea is simple. In return for a donation to iCatCare, your friends will have a great evening of feline fun and an opportunity to meet other cat fans too.


Would you like to hold a party? Sign up here for your free party pack!

As well as the cocktail recipes we've put together a pack including invitations, poster, photo props and a quiz - everything you need to help your party go with a swing! https://icatcare.org/cat-cocktails/register

Thank you so much! (Don't forget to share your photos and videos with us too!)

Cat Cocktails

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iCatCare is a registered charity: 1117342 Place Farm, Chilmark Road, Tisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 6LW, UK


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