Shop Local with the East London Pound

This one's for the East London Locals!

Lady Dinah's has just joined Colu's East London Pound local currency system. Its a system that's all about giving people an incentive to shop with local small businesses instead of big chains.

Every time you shop, eat, drink, party, or work out like a local you not only get to enjoy the best the city has to offer, you also leave your mark by helping local business flourish and strengthening your local community.

How does it work? 

When you sign up, Colu will give you 5 Colu Pounds in your digital wallet. This is literally free money, and the only restriction is that you have to spend those 5 East London Pounds at one of the participating businesses in East London. Check out their East London webpage to see a list of participating businesses (including yours truly) 

After this, you'll have to top up your wallet with funds from your credit or debit card, but the great thing is, whenever you top up, Colu adds 10% of the funds you contribute. So if you put £10 sterling into your Colu digital wallet, Colu gives you £1 extra. 

So £10 = £11 Colu pounds

How do I pay a bill?

Once you receive your bill, open the Colu app on your smartphone and find the business you wish to pay. Click the pay button, type in the amount and click 'send.' The business then will check their version of the app to confirm payment and you're all done. 

How do I get started? 

If you have a QR reader on your phone, scan the image below to go to the sign up page. Otherwise follow this link to sign up to Colu!



  • Hi, we’re a small agency in Brick Lane​ (Actually just down the road)

    I was wondering if you have any packages or discounts for larger groups?

    The reason I’m asking is that we run a monthly newsletter that we send to all of our clients with updates of the industry and an extra freebie and I’m curious to know if you offer any discount​ ​that we could provide to our clients in our newsletter?

    Do let me know​, ​​if that’s something that can be arranged​.​

    by Mariana
  • yes! You can take whatever you can’t finish with you :)

    by Lady Dinah
  • If you were to book a high tea but could not eat all the foods from your booking, are take aways allowed?
    AKA doggie bags for those of us coming from the states.

    by Sarah Muckler

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