Cat Safety at Christmas

A common topic over the past few years in UK pet research has been the concept of 'killing with kindness;' our predilection for demonstrating our love for our pets with treats can sometimes do more harm than good!

We recently hosted an event for More Than Pet Insurance and they were kind enough to share an infographic with us that they put together with their Veterinary Consultant, Andrew Moore. 

It's *super* useful - there really are so many foods out there that are delicious and edible for us, but are very bad for our pets. So here's a handy guide to some of the usual foods in a traditional Christmas Dinner that you may be tempted to share with your cat or dog at home.

Some items can be shared in moderation and substituted for their normal foods, and some should be completely avoided. Check out the infographic for more or check out their blog post, which goes into even more detail. 


Guide to Christmas Dinner and Pet Safety



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  • Really good advice
    See you tomorrow morning (Friday) at 11am. We are so looking forward to meeting you and the cats.

    by Keir Donaldson

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