Why Peter is 2020's Finest Supermeowdel

Gorgeous Peter is Lady Dinah’s resident supermodel. With his large stature, floofy coat and smouldering golden eyes, he’s a true beauty to behold-- and he sure knows it! He’s always effortlessly camera-ready and anyone who befriends him is destined to end up with hundreds of photos of his perfect face in their camera roll. If Peter was a human he would definitely be the most popular male model this decade, although we don’t think that being a cat should stop him from achieving those dreams. So we’ve put together a portfolio of sorts, and a whole list of reasons that Peter should be everyone’s favourite influencer.


1) He’s been photogenic since day one

Peter and his siblings came into our care (or rather, the care of Chief Cat Carer Laura at first) when they were seven weeks old, all the way back in 2016. As all kittens tend to be, they were tiny and absolutely adorable; Peter in particular already loved the camera. The camera clearly loved him too -- look at his gorgeous face! There was no goofy-kid stage or awkward-teenager time for Pete… he’s been nothing but beautiful his whole life. Well, it’s alright for some!


2) Beautiful floof

Despite his hatred for being brushed in his regular grooming checks, it does him a world of good and this shows. His luxurious long fur is shiny and soft, and it really enhances his rugged, lion-esque face. We swear he becomes floofier every day.


3) Opposite ears

Not only are Peter’s ears full of glorious fluff as well, they are opposite colours -- one has black fur and the other white! It’s a very striking look; he’s just the type to pull off bold fashion choices. 


4) Strong cheekbones

Unsurprisingly, Peter’s cheeks are one of the many parts of him that are consumed by fluff. However, he has somehow managed to grow it in such a way that his cheekbones look razor-sharp against his soft fur, and are unbelievably prominent. It defies all logic!


5) Feather duster tail

If the rest of his floofy self didn’t convince you of his pure majesty, take a look to his incredible tail! Like a sleek, dark feather duster, Pete loves to swish it high when he struts around the cafe, getting all the adoration in the world. Occasionally he will also use it as a subtle reminder of his superiority over humans, and has been known to “accidentally” bat his tail in the face of the Lady Dinah’s staff members as they walk up the stairs. 


6) Prima donna attitude

Sure, his tail may look like a feather duster, but Peter’s not the kind of guy who would ever offer to dust anything for you. He’s much more accustomed to sitting back, relaxing and being admired while others attend to his every want and need. It’s pretty clear that he thinks of all the Lady Dinah’s staff members as his lowly servants, and… well, he’s not exactly wrong!


7) Baby behaviour

Although Peter looks and behaves like royalty, he’s not so suave and composed all the time! When something terrible (read: mildly inconvenient) happens, he reverts back to Whiny Kitten mode and makes sure that everyone in his vicinity understands how unhappy he is. He’s a massive drama queen and we often hear his baby cry for reasons such as ‘I want to go through that door but it’s closed’ and ‘Nobody has fussed over me sufficiently in the past ten minutes!’

8) Long arms

This is something that isn’t super obvious when you first meet Peter (probably due to the distraction of his ethereal beauty) but he has long, elegant arms! Just like his sisters, Wendy and Tink, he can sometimes be found hanging his arms off of whichever shelf he’s chosen to spread out across. He also likes to stretch them out in front of himself as far as he can, probably just because it looks good on camera. Always such a poser, that boy.


9) Toe fluff 

Honestly, this one could go without mentioning and it’s not a trait solely exhibited by Peter, but when cats have sprouts of fur between their toe beans it’s a pure wonder to behold. Peter’s in particular are quite spectacular: his beautiful white pom pom paws and light pink beans are the cream of the crop. 


10) Commands a room

 It’s not a surprise that when Peter walks into a room he immediately has everyone’s attention. All falls silent when he emerges, followed by gasps, fanfares and even some fainting. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the point still stands: if Pete has been napping for a while and suddenly decides to grace the café with his presence, he’ll be the star of the show until he grows tired of being told how beautiful he is (which, to be honest, is rare). It’s an impressive phenomenon to behold. Maybe this is why Peter thinks the world revolves around him…


There you have it! Ten of Peter’s finest qualities and reasons why you should employ him in your modelling business -- er, or apply to adopt him if you think you may have the perfect forever home for him. Yes, it’s true… Peter is leaving the cafe because he’s starting to get jealous of the other cats and the attention that they’re receiving instead of him. We’re not surprised (he’s always been a bit of a diva) but we believe that he’s outgrown the café and will be happier elsewhere, which is why we’re launching this search for his new home. 

If you think you could give Peter all of the attention and love in the world, and can endure the tough, tough job of admiring him and giving him cuddles, the link for his adoption questionnaire is down below! You’ll be informed if you’re successful but it’s a lengthy process so don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while. Good luck!

Update: Pete has found his forever home! Find him on Instagram: @peter.purrker

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