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  • Kirsten Henry

    I’ve just found you from having an email sent by virgin experience days – I wondered if you would cater for a coeliac vegan and found this post! So is everything in the cafe vegan? And are there any vegan options that are also gluten and oat free? Love what you are doing and the reviews speak for themselves – I think I need to pay you a visit!

  • Catherine

    Yes yes yes please do! :D

    I love that even before you opened (I was an early crowdfunder), you mentioned that you were going to provide vegan options. It’s so nice to be able to go out somewhere and not feel like you’re being awkward and picky for having a conscience. And even from a purely business-based standpoint, surely it makes sense to increase your customer base – food from plants doesn’t exclude anyone unless they are allergic to specific ingredients. I’ve been a vegan for eight years and the number of vegan fairs has exploded – the last couple I have been to, the queues have been ridiculous, which just shows the massive demand and that mainstream eateries/retailers need to take heed!

    Something commonly cited as a deterrent to going vegan is a lack of options when eating out/on the go, which (although definitely improving the last couple of years with Pret a particular inspiration) is still an issue in certain places. I really think that there will come a point when animal-friendly food (and other products) are so much a part of the general ‘market’ that people will just end up leaning that way and tipping the balance – convenience. That and realising that it isn’t inherently weird or anything – vegan cake just tastes like cake, it doesn’t taste like soya beans any more than traditional cake tastes like egg! Curries taste like spices, etc. So the more companies that get involved, and the sooner, the better :)

    I really admire that Lady D’s staff are so open to this – thank you for caring. <3 I find it reassuring that working with cats has inspired staff to consider other animals as equally deserving of respect and kindness. I would love it if customers absorbed some of this through delicious food that they might not otherwise have tried. It is easy to feel despair and anger when the world seems skewed towards cruelty or apathy, and it lifts my spirits whenever anyone – person or business – makes a move in a kinder direction, so thanks for this blog post.

    PS – the Rainforest Creations food looks incredible!

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