Farewell 2016!

Well it's time to say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017! It was a busy year for us; we got up to an awful lot, and it's amazing to look back and realise what we have achieved. We made this little video to celebrate everything we did, but even the video doesn't include everything!

Other things to celebrate

We are extremely proud to say that Cat Carer Rowan completed her apprenticeship this year. We were so happy to support her and thrilled to help her start her career in animal care. Congratulations Rowan! We are delighted to say that we have now taken on another apprentice, so that we can continue to help people achieve their ambitions. On another personal note, our owner, Lauren got married which was a wonderful occasion. We are so happy for her and wish her many wonderful anniversaries to come.

A magical forest in the basement

We also completed our renovation of the basement, turning it from a regular tea room (with lots of cat trees), to an enchanted forest. We are so extremely pleased with the results. The renovation has included the building of two great trees, a rope bridge, a castle, new seating in both the lower and upper basement, new super-wide cat shelves, new walkways and hidey holes. The cats have really enjoyed exploring their new space, and guests have loved the magical atmosphere. Our basement then... ...and now!

All the new features were built by members of our very creative team, along with carpenter Jo Levin. If you would like to see more of the process involved in making our enchanting new space, go to Jo's facebook page or Instagram to see how it was made.

Ever evolving

Lady Dinah's is always evolving and it is worth coming back even if you have visited before as there may well be something new! You can look forward to more of this happening in 2017! To make a booking, visit our webpage. Hope to see you soon!

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