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  • Dominique

    Chill, dear kitty and take everything in your elegant stride. We’ll keep everything clean enough and safe enough for your delicate paws and have you fit again, festive feline.
    Happy Christmas Caturday,Ernest.
    Love and strokes!

  • Beverley Williams

    Arh darling Ernest – such a sweetie, I so hope he improves soon x

  • Anne-Marie

    Loving how you care for the cafe kitties xxx

  • Riva Mayer

    Well done!!! It is great to hear how well you take care of the cafe’s cats. As I am a cat Behaviour Counselor, I appreciate your concern to Ernest’s well being. I am going to visit you with a friend in January, during a visit in London. Warm regards and Happy Holidays, Ms. Riva Mayer, Israel

  • Gillian Mann

    Ernest you be missed so much.
    Take care & when we visit next year we hope
    To see you back home where you belong.
    Happy Christmas to you all & good
    & happiness to you all too.

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