DIRECT ADOPTION: The Story of Sue, Tink and Ebony

First up, we have to be clear that this is the Tink who is available for adoption: 

Adopt Tink

Tink just happens to share a name with one of our cats, but she isn't one of ours, although like our Tink, she's absolutely brilliant! Floofy and goofy, what's not to love?

Why is Tink being rehomed? 

Tink lives with Sue and fellow cat Ebony and she's being bullied by Ebony quite badly. As Tink is the most adaptable and robust of the two, Sue thinks that Tink will cope best with rehoming and will be happier in a different home. 

Tink Outside

What is Tink's history?

Sue's story with Tink started back in September 2011:

"I went on holiday to Cyprus to attend a friend’s wedding. I had booked a 2 week break to relax, get some sun, and enjoy the celebrations. My intention was certainly not to come back with a cat! However, I arrived at my apartment to find a little tabby & white cat, tap-dancing on the patio doors demanding to be let in! She was living within a colony of cats who hung around the holiday complex. Clearly starving, thirsty and desperate to get out of the hot sun, I let her in and she never left. She melted my heart over those 2 weeks, and I just couldn’t walk away….. "

Sue then undertook the complex process of bringing Tink to the UK, where she moved in with Sue and Ebony. 

"Tink came to live with me and my other cat Ebony.  Things were tricky to begin with, but I was sure that as long as I managed their integration well, and made sure they both had enough resources and didn’t have to share things too much, then it would be ok.  However, Ebony was not and never will be a sociable cat; something I’ve since learned over the years, and thus the problem would never go away for her – the problem being “Tink”."

Sue has taken all kinds of steps to try and help the cats get along - moving resources around, moving house, consulting with feline behaviourists, and finally she's come to us. Sadly, although we know a lot about managing a colony of cats, we have drawn the same conclusion as the others: The ladies just won't get on at this point. 

"I want both my cats to be happy and be able to relax at home and enjoy their surroundings.  And if that means I need to separate them, then I have to accept that now.  I’m doing this because I love them, and I cannot bear to see them unhappy any longer."

Click here to read read full Sue and Tink's backstory, in Sue's own words

We are very pleased to help Sue with her rehoming efforts, so if you would like to adopt Tink or learn more about her, please keep reading. There'll be a link to the adoption form at the end. 

Once you fill in the form, Sue will have access to your contact information and will get in touch with you to talk about Tink and arrange a home visit. 

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More about Tink

Get to know Tink

So what kind of cat is Tink? 

She's a very sociable floof and loves attention, she will ask you for cuddles when she wants them, but she doesn't enjoy being picked up. She might permit it for a minute or two, but that's more her gift to you than something she enjoys. She LOVES a shared nap, so if you ever settle down for a mid-day kip, be prepared for company. 

She's very good-natured, so she'll let you know if you're doing something she doesn't like, but is very gentle and doesn't get rough when letting you know what she wants. 

Tink is a wonderfully playful cat, being a stray she didn't really have a concept of play until Sue taught her and now she's 100% into it. 
Her favourite is feather on a stick, or the amazing Flying Frenzy – especially da Bird, that drives her crazy!

Tink enjoys a good chat and will chirrup merrily at you in the mornings and when it's time to eat. Food time is always exciting for her – she likes to escort her waiter to her food mat to show them where they need to put the food bowls... you know, just in case you forget  ;-)

Tink is very used to the outdoors, so she will need outdoor access in her new home. She doesn't like dogs, so she can't be re-homed with a family who have a dog. 

Being a longhair cat, she does need grooming and may take a while to trust a new groomer. Unfortunately she doesn't enjoy grooming very much, but it's a necessity for a cat as fluffy as Tink! 

In Sue's own words: 

"She is and has been the bravest little cat and the most loving.  She holds a very special place in my heart, not only because she’s been flown over from another country and took all of that in her stride, but because of all the cute & funny little things she does every day that make me laugh or make my heart melt. 

She has coped with what life has thrown at her incredibly well, in her 9 little years; from roaming the streets of Paphos & just surviving, to then moving into a home with me & Ebony and everything that went with that.  She has grown into such a wonderful loving little kitty. 

She always has the happiest little face on her and loves some fuss, cuddles, playtime, oh and fresh prawns if you’re handing them out?! (she gets the bare minimum of these once in a while, otherwise it upsets her little tum).

Tink loves life and I think she will flourish even more given the chance of being the No.1 cat and the only kitty in residence."

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Why are we involved? 

We believe it's important to help pet owners with direct house-to-house rehoming as much as possible, and Sue has been a longterm friend to Lady Dinah's and we're supportive of her choice and we can see how hard she has tried to make it work. 

By equipping pet owners with rehoming resources and a network of prospective adopters, they are able to do what's best by their animals or family without having to leave their pets at a shelter. This is particularly important when you remember that actually very few shelters are no-kill shelters. Tink is a little cute fluffball and we don't want her in a cage, contributing to the burden on shelters who are already packed to the gills. Shelters do great work, but their job is often much larger than they are. 

Often, rehoming a pet is a sad necessity. Lives change, allergies develop, things happen. A culture of shame around rehoming really contributes to the prevalence of animals being dumped outside shelters in the cold in the dead of night, left anonymously or unsafely.

At the end of the day, we all want happy cats with happy people. So let's all support responsible pet owners who only want to do what's best! 

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