Cat Cocktail Parties with iCatCare

Recently Abbie and Lauren were lucky to attend a special event hosted by International Cat Care to celebrate the launch of their Cat-Themed Cocktail Party fundraising packs.

Please note that this isn't a paid-for article or anything weird like that. We legit love iCatCare, we don't do paid content on our blog. 

iCatCare Cocktails

Hosted at Jewel Bar in Piccadilly Circus, we joined an assortment of cat-related bloggers and industry guests to enjoy lovely views of the iconic London circuit whilst being taught how to mix our own Cat-themed cocktails by an experienced mixologist. We were delighted to catch up with some old friends, the lovely gents behind the Katzenworld blog, Marc-Andre and Iain! Hey guys 😺

Our first attempt was a long cocktail, reminiscent of 'Sex on the Beach.' To add an extra element of challenge, Lauren and Marc had to make this drink with their hands tied together with a magenta feather boa. 

Katzenworld and Lady Dinah's

We recommend adding some challenge games to your own Cat Cocktail Fundraiser Party, it adds an extra bit of fun to the event, although after a few cocktails, it might get a little messy 🙊

Next came the 'Pawstar Martini:' the challenge now being a race against each other! 

Abbie Lauren Race

Abbie revealed latent cocktail making skills with superspeedy martini production and is now our new Mistress of Martinis 🍸

Martini Master

Don't worry, Tink didn't come to the party with us and we don't recommend having cocktail parties with cats - iCatCare recommend in their fundraising pack that you make sure your feline buddy at home has somewhere quiet they can go while you party on with your friends 😺

Tink and cocktail cards

We wrapped up the afternoon with a few more cocktail lessons and challenges and conversations with lots of delightful cat lovers from all around London. They say animal lovers are the best kind of people and they're not wrong! 

Why Cocktails? 

Well why not? If one can have a tea party for cancer research, why not a cocktail party for feline advocacy?

Cat Cocktail Parties are another fun way to get together with friends whilst being a force for good at the same time. 

From the iCatCare website

What are Cat Cocktail Parties?

The Cat Cocktail Parties are a fun way for International Cat Care supporters to raise funds for the charity in our 60th year. Individuals can invite friends, family, colleagues or clients to enjoy cat-themed cocktails, at a fun feline event.
Attendees will be asked to make a donation to International Cat Care which the party host will collect and pay to International Cat Care.
This is also a great opportunity to celebrate cats with other individuals who appreciate them just as much as you do and want to see more progress in the welfare of all cats everywhere.


You can register for a free Cat Cocktail Pack here


The pack contains:
  • Instructions/advice on how to host a cocktail party
  • 9 cat-themed cocktail recipe cards
  • 10 x invitations
  • 1 x A4 poster Photo props (cat ears)
  • Cat quiz and answer sheet and a prize for the winner (courtesy of ProtectaPet)
  • Guest sign in sheet to help you register your attendees
  • Donation envelope

Thanks for the invitation, iCatCare! We had a lovely time and we hope you have great success with the Cat Cocktail Party Fundraising campaign! 

x Lauren and Abbie

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