Alice in her new Wonderland

When Lauren posted about potentially adopting one of the Lady Dinah’s cats Ian and I couldn’t believe our luck. I had been to the cafe a number of times and loved all the cats there, so the chance to adopt one was amazing.

We visited after hours to talk to Lauren and meet the cats in a more private setting to see who we had an affinity with. The minute we saw Alice’s crazy little eyes and she licked my hand we knew she was the one for us!

Crazy Eyes Alice

So we took her home for a two week holiday to see how she was away from the colony. It all started out wonderfully; she settled in straight away, exploring & coming over for cuddles.

Alice and Ian Alice in a boxAlice snooze

The two weeks went by without a hitch! But then, the flat above had a leak and our ceiling collapsed.

Alice dealt with it like a trooper (probably better than us) but we had to take her back to the cafe for a hiatus whilst we sorted everything out. In December we were finally back on track and ready to bring her home again.

As before, the transition was pretty smooth and she’s settled back in very quickly, even adjusting the new litter tray straight away. She well deserves the name Alice - she’s the most curious little thing and hates a closed door so the living room and bedroom doors stay open for her now!

Alice curious

We have also made her a little den under the Christmas tree which she immediately took to. We already love her immensely and hope she continues to be happy with us!

Alice Tree

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  • Alice was my absolute favourite when I went to visit the Emporium! I’m sad we won’t be meeting again but it’s great to see her enjoying her new home xx

    by AB

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