We do love a good book at Lady Dinah's and we've put together our favourites in fiction and non-fiction.

Whether you'd like to train your cat, read stories about inspirational animals or lose yourself in post-war Japan, we've got your cat themed reads covered. You will also find reading paraphernalia scattered throughout this collection.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Our Books collection is a curated list of Amazon books, and you will notice each book listing takes you to Amazon to buy. When you shop by clicking the links on our website, we will receive a small affiliate fee from Amazon for referring the sale.

Our dream is to hold our own curated stock directly from publishers, but while the pandemic has taken away our income, we are using affiliate sales to keep our upfront costs down.


Lady Dinah's Cafe Booklet (OLD)

*Please note that although our booklet still has plenty of information about the cafe, the cat profiles it includes don't reflect the cats currently in our care, the cats featured...