Our Cats

Currently our café is home to thirteen beautiful rescue cats, each with their own unique personalities. Some are related to each other and others came to our café alone, but the whole clowder is one big happy family to our team.


  Tink asleep black and white cat

Cheeky Tinkerbell came to the café in 2016 with her siblings, Peter and Wendy, who have since retired. Sweet Tink is still loving cafe life and can often be spotted on a shelf or overhang with her arms dangling down! She loves a feather wand and a chicken-flavoured treat, and if you're lucky she'll use you as a climbing frame and hop up onto your shoulders.




Salomé is the last of the Wilde kittens remaining in the café -- her siblings have retired to their forever homes but little Sal is still thriving in her sociable lifestyle. She loves to chase biscuits and is a super cuddly little lady! She's claimed ownership of the cat wheel in the basement and loves a good butt pat when she's on a soft blanket.




Teddy is a fluffy, raven-furred lazy character. He'll often be spotted on a shelf, snoozing in weird, contorted positions or focusing his intense gaze on the goings-on below. When he's in the mood to socialise, he transforms into a total flirt and will flit from person to person, begging for cuddles and tummy rubs.



Del Boy cat with white paws

Del Boy, along with his siblings Rodney and Cassandra, is a foster cat. We are looking after the Trotters for a little while because their owners’ living arrangements changed. They are a beautiful brood and we're happy to have them in our care.

Del was the first of the ‘Only Fools and Horses’ crew to settle into the café. His laidback nature enabled him to befriend the other café cats without any fuss. Much like his brother and sister, Del likes to curl up in people’s coats for a snooze.



Black and White Cat Rodney Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium Cafe

Rodney, or ‘Baby Rod’ as we sometimes call him, is part of the Trotters crew and likes to relax with his brother and sister. If he’s not snoring gently in a toy box, you may find him sharing a bed with Cassandra or napping on a shelf with Del. He’s an affectionate little goof and sometimes licks the forearms of his favourite staff members during cuddle time. He can also be a bit of a rascal from time to time, and you may witness him splashing water out of drinking bowls!


Cassandra Black and White Cat

A spry and strong-willed little gal, Cassandra is the sister of Rodney and Del Boy, though she's much smaller and cheekier. She's a bit of a drama queen and can be possessive of her chosen shelf in the tearoom, but she also loves a good cuddle and will be friendly once you've offered your hand for her to sniff. She absolutely loves dry food and once she hears the rattle of her biscuits at feeding time she'll hound the cat carers until her chosen bowl is filled up -- and will always scream at them the whole time!


Oberon White and Tabby Fluffy cat

Oberon was named after the king of the fairies, and now he’s the prince of the café! With his regal appearance and playful streak, he has certainly grown into his grandiose name.

Obie joined us in January 2019 after the people who originally adopted him discovered a cat allergy in their family. He doesn’t typically ask for cuddles, but if you offer him your finger he may indicate that he’d like to be stroked on his nose or head.


Black Cat Mountolive Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium Cat Cafe

With her inquisitive eyes, narrow face, and big ears, Mountolive resembles a baby fruit bat! She’s a slinky inky miss with long legs and she can look quite haughty sometimes, but don't be fooled! When she gets excited, she hops around and demonstrates her silly side.

Olive likes to hide under net curtains and chase things that rustle, like pieces of wrapping paper. She has a sweet temperament and loves to cuddle.



Baz Stiped Cat Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Cafe

Baz is Mountolive’s brother and he’s made a wondrous transformation since coming to live in the café! He was initially quite a skittish little fellow with a propensity for hiding in difficult-to-access places, but he’s since blossomed into a very confident and lively chap. Baz loves to play with both human and feline friends, and has turned out to be an oddball with many endearing quirks.

He’s particularly fond of “capturing” toys from humans and dragging them to different corners of the café.



Pip has always been a joyous bundle of energy! She is an intrepid explorer and loves to tussle with her friends. She’ll play with anyone and anything that moves, and she skitters around the café until she has to drop down for a nap. One of her favourite playmates when she first arrived was Teddy, who has taught her some bad table manners, so don’t let this cheeky miss steal from your plate!


Estella Tortoiseshell Cat Lady Dinahs Cafe

Like her sister Pip, Estella loves to play. However, she’s a little bit more reserved than her rambunctious sibling and will only go full throttle if she feels totally comfortable with her audience. It’s a treat to see her spirited acrobatics! She’s partial to improvised cat toys made out of wrappers and she likes to chase springs.
If she’s not playing, you might find Stel cuddling up to a pal on the bridge.


Calico Kitten Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium Cafe

Zora came to the Emporium during our most challenging year yet! We adopted Zora and her favourite playmate, Irie, from a shelter in 2020 and watching these two sweet girls grow in size and confidence really helped to lift our spirits.

Zora is as bold as her distinctive half-moon face is striking! For such a small creature, she has big appetites and she's not shy when it comes to voicing them. Whether she's yelling for food despite having just been fed, or purring loudly while snoozing on one of our laps, this little lady knows what she likes.



Tortoiseshell Kitten Lady Dinahs Cat Emporium Cafe

Irie is one of the newest additions to our family and she comes with a caution: if you look into her eyes, your heart may melt. Her twinkling pupils can expand so much that they swallow you whole!

Much like her best pal, Zora, Irie is playful and affectionate. When she's in the mood for cuddles, she'll roll onto her back for belly rubs and her whole body will vibrate with happiness if she approves of your technique. She's missing one of her back paws due to a complication that arose when she was born, but this hasn't slowed her down! She chases and pounces on toys, runs in the wheel and climbs up scratching posts with just as much gusto as her step siblings.