Our Cats

While the future remains uncertain due to Covid-19, Lady Dinah's will be operating as a foster space for adoptable cats, in collaboration with our friends at various shelters around London.

We are fostering the majority of our cats from a local shelter, and will be offering them for adoption once we feel they are fully socialised and ready to head to their forever home. If you're ready to expand your family and help a rescue cat find a loving forever home with you, come pay us a visit and ask a staff member for some more information on the cats that are available for adoption!


Zora is a year old and came to the Emporium during our most challenging year yet! We adopted Zora and her favourite playmate, Irie, from a shelter in 2020 and watching these two sweet girls grow in size and confidence really helped to lift our spirits.

Zora is as bold as her distinctive half-moon face is striking! For such a small creature, she has big appetites and she's not shy when it comes to voicing them. Whether she's yelling for food despite having just been fed, or purring loudly while snoozing on one of our laps, this little lady knows what she likes.



Irie is also a year old and she comes with a caution: if you look into her eyes, your heart may melt. Her twinkling pupils can expand so much that they swallow you whole! 

Much like her best pal, Zora, Irie is playful and affectionate. When she's in the mood for cuddles, she'll roll onto her back for belly rubs and her whole body will vibrate with happiness if she approves of your technique. She's missing one of her back paws due to a complication that arose when she was born, but this hasn't slowed her down! She chases and pounces on toys, runs in the wheel and climbs up scratching posts with just as much gusto as her step siblings.



Balthazar (AKA Baz), like Irie and Zora, is one of our pre-pandemic residents! We adopted him as a tiny kitten in Summer 2019 and he's an absolute wildcat. Baz loves nothing more than playtime - whether it's with humans or the other cats! When he 'catches' his favourite toy, he'll happily parade it around the cafe for all to admire. What a fearsome hunter! Baz can be a little timid when it comes to cuddles and petting, so we recommend taking it slowly when approaching him - he's far more likely to have a positive reception to you if you dangle a toy in his view rather than attempting to stroke him!


Charly was adopted by us in May 2021 and is nine months old. She's our sweet, cuddly goofball! She's a live-wire when she's in the mood for playtime and loves to chase feathers or play inside the ripple rug - but watch out if there are other cats around, as she can get a little sassy if the others take the toys she wants! Despite her love for playtime, she is a dainty little lady and will approach you for a fuss if she's in the mood, eliciting loud purrs as she receives chin scratches. Charly is very friendly and brave when it comes to meeting new people, and has settled quickly into the cafe space - she's a tiny superstar!


Tabby and white - Daz - Available for Adoption - Lady Dinah's

Daz is a year old - he is a very friendly lad and is super chatty and flirty. He loves to play, particularly with feather toys, but be a little careful as he can get himself overexcited! Daz loves other cats and we've noticed that our other new arrivals grow in confidence when Daz is around them. He's a perfect playmate and is like a big brother to our kittens. It's not uncommon to find him playing with them or following them around the cafe! Little Daz is very vocal and can often be found walking around the cafe singing and chirping to himself and the cat carers.


Agatha is the eldest of our kitten crew at 4 months old! She was adopted from a private home alongside her best pal, Rosalind. Agatha is a cafe queen in the making - our little tuxedo knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it! She's got a loud voice and can often be found shouting at the cat carers to grant her wishes. Agatha is a real sweetie, though, and is super friendly towards both our guests and staff! When she's in the mood, she'll happily rub her face against her adoring fans' ankles or hop in their laps for some fuss.




Rosalind is 3 months old and was adopted along with Agatha in June 2021. Little Rosalind is tiny but mighty! She has bundles of energy and loves to chase feather toys around the cafe. She'll even have a quick run on the cat wheel when she's in the mood! Rosalind is a gorgeous girl and she knows it - during the day, she can most likely be found people-watching or snoozing in the tearoom window, delighting the adoring people of Bethnal Green as they pass the cafe! 




Sally is one of our three black panther kitties. She is twelve weeks old and though she is the tiniest of the three, she makes up for this in her enormous personality! Sally has bundles of energy and loves to play. If there isn't a cat carer around to entertain her, she is more than happy to make her own fun! Of late, Sally has taken to leaping inside our laundry bags while the exasperated wait team attempt to set up the cafe in the morning! Sally is a total sweetheart and when playtime is over she can often be found snoozing away on the big scratcher in the upper basement.




Sydney is the sweetest kitten you could ever wish to meet! She's also 3 months old and is the sister of Sally and Stanley. She's a cuddlebug and makes no secret of this; if you hear a high-pitched mew during your visit, it's most likely Sydney demanding some attention! Recently, Syd has taken to climbing our team members' legs if they are too busy to cuddle her...not very practical, but it works! Who could resist her little face? When she's not screaming for a cuddle, Sydney can be found play-fighting with her brother, Stanley - they're not afraid of a little rough and tumble!



Stanley is the brother of Sally and Sydney and is the most chilled-out of our three black kitties. He can often be found gazing upon his sisters' raucous playtime from afar or stretching himself across a cat bed, snoozing the day away! Don't be fooled by his relaxed demeanour, though - when he's in the mood he loves to engage in playtime with his sisters or Daz. Stan is particularly close to Sydney and the two love to spend time napping together or bird-watching in our catio area.



Shadow is around 18 months old and is Sally, Sydney and Stanley's mama! Her massive bug-eyes and super-soft fur mean that she is often the subject of many customers' gazes. Shadow is a bit of a diva and, though she is our most recent arrival, likes to think of herself as the Queen of the Cafe! She's a vocal girl and isn't afraid to shout at the team if we're not fulfilling her wishes (which often amount to the demand of more food). Although she is only mama to three kittens, Shadow is also very close with our other kittens, Agatha and Rosalind! It's not uncommon to find her grooming one of the girls or sleeping close to them. What a sweetheart!