Our Cats

The cats are the stars of the show here at Lady Dinah's! We have previously fostered a number of our cats from our friends at The Scratching Post Cat Rescue, and successfully found them their forever homes once they were fully socialised and felt ready to be adopted.

Lady Dinah's has the very same goal for the cats that we have rescued/taken on board at the cafe ourselves. If you're ready to expand your family and help a rescue cat find a loving forever home with you, come pay us a visit and ask a staff member for some more information about any cats that may be available for adoption!

The cats we currently house are permanent residents. This means that the cafe is their home for as long as they are happy living here! Our permanent residents' behaviours are constantly monitored by our team of trained cat carers, who are experts in determining when they are ready to move on from cafe life. 


Zora was born in June 2020 and came to the Emporium during our most challenging year yet! We adopted Zora and her favourite playmate and sister, Irie, in August 2020 and watching these two sweet girls grow in size and confidence really helped to lift our spirits.

Zora is as bold as her distinctive half-moon face is striking! For such a small creature, she has big appetites and she's not shy when it comes to voicing them. Whether she's yelling for food despite having just been fed, or purring loudly while snoozing on one of our laps, this little lady knows what she likes.
Zora is one of our permanent residents.


Irie was also born in June 2020, and she comes with a caution: if you look into her eyes, your heart may melt. Her twinkling pupils can expand so much that they swallow you whole! 

Much like her best pal and sister, Zora, Irie is playful and affectionate. When she's in the mood for cuddles, she'll roll onto her back for belly rubs and her whole body will vibrate with happiness if she approves of your technique. She's missing one of her back paws due to a complication that arose when she was born, but this hasn't slowed her down! She chases and pounces on toys and climbs up scratching posts with just as much gusto as her step siblings.
Irie is one of our permanent residents.


Daz was born in late 2019 or early 2020 and is a very friendly, chatty, and flirty lad. He loves to play, particularly with feather toys, but be a little careful as he can get himself overexcited! Daz loves other cats and we've noticed that our other new arrivals grow in confidence when Daz is around them. He's a perfect playmate and is like a big brother to our kittens. It's not uncommon to find him playing and cuddling with them or following them around the cafe (and vice versa)! Daz is also very vocal, and can often be found walking around the cafe singing and chirping to himself and the cat carers.
Daz is one of our permanent residents.



Agatha was born in February 2021 and was adopted by us from a private home alongside her best pal, Rosalind. Agatha is a cafe queen in the making - our little tuxedo knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it! She's got a loud voice and can often be found shouting at the cat carers to grant her wishes. Agatha is a real sweetie, though, and is super friendly towards both our guests and staff! When she's in the mood, she'll happily rub her face against her adoring fans' ankles or hop onto their laps for some fuss.
Agatha is one of our permanent residents.



Rosalind was born in March 2021 and was adopted along with Agatha in June 2021. Little Rosalind is tiny but mighty! She has bundles of energy and loves to chase plastic springs around the cafe. She'll even have a quick run on the cat wheel when she's in the mood! Rosalind is a gorgeous girl and she knows it - during the day, she can most likely be found people-watching or snoozing in the tearoom window, delighting the adoring people of Bethnal Green as they pass the cafe! 
Rosalind is one of our permanent residents.



Layla was born in March 2021 and was adopted by us in August 2021 as her former owners were unable to keep her. Layla is a livewire and loves to play! She'll happily spend her days chasing a string or a cable tie up and down the floor to ceiling scratching post in the tearoom, and loves to leap and dart around like crazy. She can be a little shy when meeting new faces, but an outstretched finger to sniff or a toy dangled a few feet in front of her should help her warm to you!

Layla is one of our permanent residents.




Sam is part of the Lord of The Rings kitten crew! Sam was born in June 2021 and arrived at Lady Dinah's in October 2021 along with his sisters: Frodo, Gimli, Legolas, Merry and Pippin. Sam, as the only male kitten in their litter, is super protective of his sisters and can often be found napping alongside them with a gentle paw on their heads. Though he tends to be a chilled-out, independent little lad, he has a tendency to go crazy and loves to dart around the basement chasing any toy he can find!

Sam is one of our permanent residents.




Frodo is the cutest little sweetheart! She loves to cuddle and it's not rare to find her lazing around on the laps or knees of staff members or guests. She's a glamorous lady and knows she's beautiful; she loves to show off! Though she loves to cuddle, she also loves to play and can usually be found chasing feathers around the cafe.


Frodo is one of our permanent residents.



The biggest cuddlebug the café has ever seen! There is nothing this sweet girl loves more than a fuss and a cuddle: her favourite bed is a nice warm lap. If Legolas chooses you, beware; she'll snuggle down and fall into a deep sleep before you know it! Watch out though... Legolas has a bit of a thing for human food and no matter how adorable she may look, make sure she doesn't try to steal your scones!


Legolas is one of our permanent residents.



Gimli is the princess of the Lord of the Rings clan! This dainty little lady loves to prance around the cafe delighting her adoring audience. If she's not being flourished with love, she'll be more than content lazing around in a fluffy bed with her long legs dangling. Like her sister Legolas, Gimli is a sly fox and enjoys a nibble on scones and jam, so there always needs to be an extra eye watching out for her and her fiendish ways!


Gimli is one of our permanent residents.



Merry is a little cutie! Her enormous ears and acrobatic sleeping positions are often what first draw our guests to little Merry. She's all about playtime and the best way to her heart is through dangling a toy in her direction rather than giving her a cuddle! Merry loves to show off her jumping ability, so flick a toy in the air and watch her leap after it!


Merry is one of our permanent residents.



Our resident floof! Little Pippin is the only long-haired Lord of the Rings kitten and loves to make her beauty known to guests. She enjoys lazing around on high shelves and being admired, but will go crazy when a toy is in sight. Pippin is also partial to a cuddle or two and her favourite beds tend to be the coats and bags of guests - watch out, or she'll be fast asleep on your jacket in no time!


Pippin is one of our permanent residents.



Lysander - black and white rescue cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Lysander is a member of our Shakespeare litter! He came to the Emporium at the end of 2021 with his brother Iago and two sisters, Hero and Puck. These little beauties were born in August 2021. Lysander is the bravest of the bunch and exudes Big Brother energy. Not in the sinister, Orwellian way.


He thinks of himself as a celebrity (all cats do, to be fair... but some are the attention-seeking kind while others are more reclusive) and prefers for you to approach him. He'll wait patiently for cuddles rather than demand them. He can often be found lounging in a rose bed in the Tearoom, but is also keen on playing!

Lysander is one of our permanent residents.



Hero - black rescue cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.
Hero is an energetic little lady! Her hints aren't subtle when she's in a frolicsome mood. Sometimes she's so eager to play that she'll launch herself at toys, so you'd better be prepared for some active playtime if you engage her in a game. She especially likes noisy toys, such as something that jangles or rustles, or toys that resemble mice. She also likes to chase balls around the floor.

If you visit on a day where she'd prefer cuddles to playtime, bear in mind that she's a fan of butt pats. Couple some firm pats with a heap of praise and she'll be a happy girl.

Hero is one of our permanent residents.


Puck - tuxedo rescue cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. Black and white kitten.

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Puck is a mischievous fairy who keeps the audience entertained with his quick-witted remarks and prankish antics. At Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, Puck is a tiny tuxedo cat who delights everyone by zooming around and generally being almost too cute to look at.

Our Puck is a girl and loves to chase balls. Other than that, she's quite similar to her namesake! She's got a big purrsonality that belies her actual size, and she likes to ingratiate herself with our guests. Give those gorgeous cheeks of hers a rub and you may be treated to her impressively loud purrs!

Puck is one of our permanent residents.




Iago - black rescue cat at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. Black kitten scaling a scratching post.

Despite being born on the same day as his brother and sisters, Iago is the baby of the Shakespeare troupe. This little dude requires a lot of attention and has no qualms about crying out for cuddles when there is a cat carer nearby. We are happy to oblige, of course! He likes to relax in toy boxes and the rose beds in our Tearoom, so don't hesitate to tickle his chin if you see him and he's not snoozing.

When it comes to playtime, Iago likes any toy that Hero is interested in. He's a typical little brother in that way! Failing that, he is always a sucker for the traditional piece of string. 

Iago is one of our permanent residents.




 Matilda came to the cafe on her own without any siblings and as such is very used to having the best things to herself- you will often see her claiming the best beds and the best toys! She is a bit of a wild card and can be fussy about when you are permitted to say hello to her- as self-appointed Queen of the Tallest Cat Tree in the Cafe, she can be very bossy! But with a little scratch under the chin (her good spot) and the right toy, her sweet kitten side will never fail to appear.

Matilda is one of our permanent residents.




Coraline is a black and white cat who lives at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

Coraline is the newest addition to our clowder! She was brought to the Emporium by a concerned cat lover who found her wandering the streets of Ilford. We've checked various "pet missing" web-pages and have used our platform to advertise her whereabouts, but nobody has come forward to claim her as their lost pet.

Once we were confident that she was a stray, we decided to adopt this sweet little lady and give her a name! We chose 'Coraline' because, much like the titular character in Neil Gaiman's novella, she has an adventurous spirit. She was eager to explore the Emporium and meet the other cats when she first arrived, and now she's keen to play! 

Coraline is one of our permanent residents.