Although we are kept very busy helping humans and cats have fun times at the Cat Emporium, when we can, we also like to help humans and cats make happy forever homes together. 

Our policy is to take it slow. The cats who live in the cafe have a lot of excitement - new people every day, lots of team members to call family and lots of other cats to call family too. To help the cafe be a stable place for all our cats, we don't change the colony too frequently. Taking it slow also allows us to be extra careful with contagion management. We carry out blood tests on all incoming cats to make sure they aren't carrying anything in to our cats that could make them unwell and we have a strict pre-entry quarantine period to make sure incoming cats don't carry any parasites or fungal infections that could wreak havoc with our kitties health (nor our guests!).  

All our cats are eventually paired up with their dream family and will retire from the spotlight. This is done when we think the cat no longer loves cafe life, or when they reach 5 years in the cafe, whichever is first. Their time in the cafe usually allows them to build bonds with regular guests and for people to get to know them and we're delighted with all our rehomings so far - we've successfully rehomed over 30 cats into blissful retirement!

Right now, we do not have any cats available for adoption, but we will update this page when we do.