Although we are kept very busy helping humans and cats have fun times at the Cat Emporium, when we can, we also like to help humans and cats make happy forever homes together. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn't make changes to our feline colony too frequently as all of our cats belonged to us. However, the impact of the pandemic has led us to alter our business model in order to pair cats up with their dream families more frequently.

We have partnered with The Scratching Post Cat Rescue in Waltham Abbey, from whom we are fostering a number of our current clowder. The cats' time spent at Lady Dinah's allows them to socialise and get used to human interaction as well as meeting dozens of potential new families every day! 

When our cats are available for adoption, we will post an adoption questionnaire on our social media channels; this allows us to gauge whether each applicant will be a suitable fit for the kitty in question. Our Head Cat Carer will assess all questionnaires and a shortlist of applicants will be sent to The Scratching Post, who handle house checks and all adoption-related admin. The Cat Emporium is simply a middle-man in this process!

All cats and kittens will incur an £80 donation (paid directly to The Scratching Post; not Lady Dinah's) to re-home regardless of age or breed. It usually costs the charity around £300 per cat to rescue them, so this donation helps towards those costs.