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Although we are kept busy by doing our best to provide our guests and resident felines with wonderful experiences at Lady Dinah's, we've also dedicated a lot of time and energy over the years to helping humans and cats find each other in order to make happy homes. To date, we have found loving forever homes for more than 40 rescue cats and nothing brings us more joy than seeing our former residents settle into their cosy new abodes.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we didn't make changes to our colony very often as all of our cats had been adopted by us, therefore making the Emporium their home until we see signs that they may favour retiring from cafe life (we've had our notorious cat-wheel Queen, Lizzie, live with us for almost 6 years!). However, the instability we experienced in 2020 prompted us to alter how we do things. Just like our favourite creatures, we've had to be adaptable and flexible!

We have now partly acted as a fostering space for the lovely cats from The Scratching Post Cat Rescue in Waltham Abbey, for whom we've fostered several cats since 2021. Our current clowder is made up of foster babies (whom we are actively helping to find homes for), and purrmanent residents (whom live at the cafe as long as they are happy here). To learn more about our individual cats, visit the Our Cats page of this website.

What's the process?

Given that we have two types of resident at the Emporium, we have two systems when it comes to arranging adoptions. Our foster cats stay with us for a few months, which allows us to get to know them and their needs. They become socialised through interacting with our guests and are introduced to dozens of potential adoptive parents every day! When we feel that a cat is ready to be adopted, we announce this via our social media channels, including our e-newsletter. It's not uncommon for people who've visited the Emporium to fall in love with one or more of our feline residents, so we know that such updates are eagerly anticipated.

The good folks at The Scratching Post Cat Rescue ultimately handle all of the adoption arrangements for our foster cats, so hopeful applicants will liaise directly with them. We set the ball rolling with our announcement as we prompt people to contact the shelter to log their interest, but we do not make the final decisions. The shelter requires a donation of £80 per cat (irrespective of their age or breed) as part of this process, none of which goes to Lady Dinah's. It usually costs the charity approximately £300 to rescue a cat, so this donation goes towards those costs.

When it comes to re-homing one of our permanent residents, our cat carers make the final decisions. These cats will have lived at the Emporium for longer, and we will only consider re-homing them if their behaviour indicates that they would be happier in a new environment. It's of pivotal importance to us that our cats are thriving in the home we've made for them, so we constantly monitor their moods and health. For example, a cat who has always been happy to play and share with their adoptive siblings may become testy or withdrawn, which could signify that they'd like to retire from the hustle and bustle of life as a famous café cat! When it becomes clear that such a cat is ready to leave the Emporium, we announce it via our social media channels and e-newsletter. This announcement is accompanied by a link to an adoption questionnaire devised by our cat carers, who screen every application before contacting the most suitable candidate.

Cats Currently Up For Adoption

We currently do not have any cats up for adoption at this stage! All adoption announcements are made on our socials or in our newsletter. Give us a follow or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about any of our moggies' quests to find their forever home!