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Meet The Cats - Coraline


Meet The Cats


About Coraline:

Coraline was brought to the Emporium by a concerned cat lover who found her wandering the streets of Ilford. After checking various "pet missing" web-pages and using our platform to advertise her whereabouts, nobody came forward to claim her as their lost pet. Once we were confident that she was a stray, we decided to adopt this sweet little lady and give her a name! We chose 'Coraline' because, much like the titular character in Neil Gaiman's novella, she has a wildly adventurous spirit.


Coraline is not fussy about her toys and is very chatty about them- you'll know you've got a good toy if you hear her chattering excitedly! She is also a massive foodie and is often seen trying to persuade the cat carers to bring out lunch or dinner early.

Adoption Information:

Coraline hasn’t let us know that she's ready to be re-homed yet, but if you’re interested in adopting, join our mailing list here for re-homing announcements!