Cat Toy

Winstead Wiggly Worm

It’s worm time, baby! 🐛⏰ When it comes to simple pleasures, few things can compete with the googly-eyed appeal of a wiggly worm dangling from a string. These brightly-coloured critters...


Wonderland Themed Cat Birthday Mug - 2020

Now available: our birthday mugs with a NEW exclusive design for 2020! The Lady Dinah's 2020 Birthday Mug features a gorgeous illustration of our current clowder, drawn by our Senior...


Chaotic Wendy + Winstead Worm-on-a-String Vinyl Sticker

The only worm-on-a-string vinyl sticker to rival the other worm-on-a-string vinyl sticker in our Winstead collection! 🐛👀 Wendy and her chief wiggly worm, Winstead, love to revel in the frenzy of...