Winstead Wiggly Worm

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It’s worm time, baby! 🐛⏰

When it comes to simple pleasures, few things can compete with the googly-eyed appeal of a wiggly worm dangling from a string. These brightly-coloured critters have been providing humans and cats alike with hours of entertainment since the dawn of civilisation!

You may question this claim since a quick internet search will tell you that Squirmles weren’t manufactured prior to the 20th century, but many worm enthusiasts and a handful of archaeologists with dubious qualifications (isn’t this just a polite way of referring to earth worms?) will tell you otherwise. Some point to hieroglyphics on pyramid walls that look remarkably like our wriggly friends and others say that so-called “ammonite” fossils are in fact the imprints of prehistoric worms coiled in eternal slumber.

Whatever the truth is, we know one thing for certain: our cats can’t resist these little guys! If they see the neon flash of a Squirmle skittering across the floor, they must pounce! You would think that these overworked invertebrates would object to a life of being batted around, but their greatest desire is to be claimed by a cat. Mind you, certain fashion-forward youths have taken to employing wiggly worms as accessories and this is also considered a respectable vocation.

Why keep your worms on a string when they’d look so fetching hanging from your earlobes? A career in journalism is somewhat less common for a Squirmle, but we regularly liaise with a retiree of the Emporium whose adventures we chronicle in our newsletter. We don’t catch up with him as often as we’d like, but it sure is a treat when Winstead Wiggly Worm makes an appearance! 😻  

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