The Self-Care & Cat Lovers Hamper Mini - Gift Hampers for Cat Lovers from Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

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It's important to give yourself some time to look after your body and mind. Self-care comes in many forms: it might consist of tedious life admin, doing a bit of maintenance work to repair a gap in communication, or it could take shape as a bubble bath and a good book. Our favourite kind of self-care involves relaxation, which is why we've put together The Self-Care & Cat Lovers Hamper. If you're a cat lover who likes to wind down with a scented candle and mug of something hot in your paws, this is for you...

The Self-Care & Cat Lovers Hamper includes:

🕯️ 1 x soothing lavender-and-vanilla-scented candle. Candles by Wytchwood are handmade in the U.K., vegan and plastic-free! These are made from soy wax and presented in re-usable/ recyclable tins. Poured by hand in small batches of 100g, Witchwood lists the burn time as 30 hours.

🐾 1 x cat wonderland mug. 

😺 1 x Cheshire Cat Pomegranate face mask from Mad Beauty - vegan and cruelty free! 

♣️ 1 x pack of Lady Dinah's playing cards featuring Linkachuu's illustrations of some of our former residents! Playing games is a great way to decompress.

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