Sculpted 3D Cat Paw Bookmark

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Whether you’re pawing through the well-thumbed pages of your favourite Barbara Cartland novel or poring over the complicated ideas and obtuse language of Volumes I to XII of Very Difficult Things and Niche Interests (you contain multitudes, we know), saving your place has never bean such a joy! These one-of-a-kind kitty Sculpted 3D Cat Paw Bookmarks are lovingly hand-crafted by our former teammate, Luca. We offer three designs inspired by the dainty feet of our favourite furry creatures: ginger, tabby and black.

Due to the nature of how the Sculpted 3D Cat Paw Bookmarks are manufactured, every one is unique! The variations will be slight between bookmarks with the same colouring, but it’s still nice to think of each one as a work of art. They are much like the real thing in this way, although an actual cat is more liable to make you lose your page than help you to keep it!

Product Details:
🐾 Paw cast in light-weight resin.
🐾 Painted by hand with acrylic paint and finished with a satin sealant.
🐾 Wooden placeholder.
🐾 Approximately 6.5 inches in length.

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