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A thirst-quenching product that will help to keep your beloved cat or dog in good health! The Aqua Spring LED Water Fountain is a high-capacity water fountain featuring a replaceable carbon filter. Water filtration ensures that your pet is supplied with clean water, which aids proper kidney function and prevents the formation of crystals that can cause urinary disease. Not only that, but the constant flow of water from a fountain like this encourages your feline or canine pal to drink more, thus promoting their hydration!

Advantages of selecting the Aqua Spring LED Water Fountain include:
💧 2-litre capacity.
💧 Fitted with a speed pump that allows you to choose between 2 settings of water flow.
💧 Very quiet - no distracting rumbling when it's running!
💧 Easy to disassemble and reassemble when you wish to clean it.
💧 Removable bowl which is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.
 This baby lights up at night! Get more than one and put on a show to rival Blackpool Illuminations! If you're fed up of kicking your pet's drinking dish over in the night, this fountain is the solution to your problem.

POV: You are a cat or a dog in want of a refreshing drink. It is nighttime and your human companion (servant) has plunged the room into darkness before slinking off to their (your) bedroom. Where is your bowl? You're so thirsty! Something catches your eye - an otherworldly glow, a glistening stream. Could it be a mirage? No! It's the Aqua Spring LED Water fountain!

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