Catnip Christmas Dinner

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A traditional Christmas dinner comprised entirely of catnip toys! 🍗😺

Whether you’re looking for a special gift to delight an important cat lover in your life, or you’re shopping for one of your own feline family members, our Catnip Christmas Dinner is sure to be a success! These toys are far superior to (and also much safer than) the scraps of wrapping paper and ribbons that typically seduce our furry friends once presents have been exchanged.

Not only are the individual toys great stuffing fillers, the full Catnip Christmas Dinner set makes for a particularly fun and unique festive treat! Divvy these up between multiple cats or spoil one lucky furball rotten!

Includes: 1x felt turkey leg and 1x felt carrot from Amy a.k.a. @gotthatfridayfeline
1x crocheted sprout and 1x crocheted Christmas pudding from Jez a.k.a. @knittingkittencrochet

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