Cat Detective

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Author: Halls, Vicky

Edition: paperback / softback

Binding: Kindle Edition

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 372

Release Date: 31-10-2011


Does your cat scratch your carpets? Or soil in the house? Or perhaps your cat's behaviour has changed recently - becoming withdrawn or aggressive towards you or another member of your family? Or perhaps you would just like to understand the way your cat thinks?

In this comprehensive guide cat counsellor Vicky Hall helps cat owners identify what is causing their cat's behaviour and provides a clear step-by-step solution to tackling behavioural problems.

Fascinating case studies drawn from Vicky's personal and professional experiences are included. Each study is both informative and entertaining and will undoutedly help cat owners understand their cat's behaviour much better. This is essential reading for all cat lovers.

Languages: English

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