Beco Pets Mashing Spork

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Do you need a fork or a spoon to serve your pet their food? Do you need a knife to help clean the sides of the can? Now you only need one tool - this long handled spork for getting all the goodness out of your pet food tin. Ideal design for getting around the corners of the can and into the edges at the bottom. Great for mashing up your chosen food too.

The Beco Pets Mashing Spork is made from the natural plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks. Our unique design features; an extra long handle, a squared edge for awkward corners, and holes for mashing. Combine your Beco Pets Mashing Spork with a Beco Bowl and spoil your pet without spoiling the environment!

The Beco Pets Mashing Spork is available in beige and pink.

Product specifications:

Length 21.5cm
Weight 36g
Materials Natural Bamboo and Rice Husk Fibres
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