2-way Cat Teaser Interactive Cat Toy

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The 2-Way Cat Teaser from CA&T is a fun interactive cat toy designed to encourage your cat’s mental and physical agility. Has your cat ever attacked your shoelaces? This is a much more exciting version of that! The 2-Way Cat Teaser interactive cat toy incorporates a string on a mechanism which appeals to your cat’s instincts for hunting. The string moves quickly, whipping across the floor in different directions for your cat to chase.
✔️ Made from ABS eco-friendly plastic.
✔️ Robust construction. It features a pad for sitting on if your cat wishes to pounce on the string from on top of the interactive cat toy.
🔋 Powered by batteries. 3x AA batteries required, these are not included.

Dimensions: 5cm in height, 24cm diameter.

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